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Does personal lube expire?

A lubricant is a gel or liquid when applied, makes intercourse more enjoyable by reducing friction and irritation caused due to vaginal dryness. When there is not enough natural lubrication during sex, you can use a personal lubricant or lube to make intercourse more comfortable. 

Does lube expire? Yes, like every other product, there is an expiration date for lubricants. The shelf life of lube is around 1 to 3 years according to the FDA. However, some lubricants have an expiration date on the package while some do not. In such cases, the best thing to do is once you open a bottle of lube, use it within a year and store it in a cool dry place. It is always a good practice not to use any product after it expires.

How to check if lubricant is expired

Before using the product, check if there is any funny odor, color change or difference in consistency. If you notice any of these it is better to discard them and use a new one. In the case of edible lubes, you can see an unpleasant taste that says it is not good enough to use. Although some lubes are made from natural and organic ingredients, it is not safe to take any risk on your genital areas. Always buy lubes that best suit your skin. Whether it is a water based lube or other personal lubricants, make sure to check the expiry date to be safe.


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Modified on 19 Feb, 2023

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