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Skore variety of flavoured condoms

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Skore variety of flavoured condoms

Buy skore flavoured condoms with a variety of flavours such as cherry, strawberry, Banana, Orange, Cool, Pinacolada.

Skore Strawberry

Buy Skore Strawberry flavoured condom to juice up your lovemaking with 1500+ raised dots. Choose the skore strawberry condom and score high & have great excitement.

Skore strawberry condoms

Skore Orange

A great new way enjoyment is here with Juicy orange condoms and buy Skore Orange flavoured Condoms as its Orange flavour and colour add a cool touch to lasting fun, while the dotted texture enhances your pleasure.


Skore Cherry

Buy Skore Cherry condoms and surrender to Cherry flavour which seduces with its delicious flavour and dotted texture and the sensual colour which makes the fun get excited with Skore cherry condoms.

Skore Cool Condom

Scoring is now tingling, cooling and minty with Skore Cool condom. The icy new condom comes with a special Cooling lubricant which is sure to give a Tingling Sensation. Buy skore cool condom which is Mint Flavored and exudes a fresh Mint Fragrance which acts as a Mood enhancer. It also has a Natural Climax delay which extends the excitement with a raised dots texture for heightened pleasure.

Skore Pinacolada

Buy Skore Pina Colada condoms and get into exotic mode. The delicious Pineapple & Coconut flavor is topped with more dots and sexy colour to make scoring more delightful with pinacolada flavoured condoms.

Buy Skore Pinacolada Condoms

Skore Choco

With the delicious chocolate flavour and the colour seduce, enhance the excitement with Skore Choco condoms. And this skore chocolate flavored condoms with dots texture brings greater sensation to your excitement.


Skore Banana

Buy Skore Banana Condoms and score more special with its fruity Banana flavour condom and add more pleasure with the extra dots texture and cool colours.

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