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Vanessa sanitary napkins ultralong size-xxl(338mm) -7's pack

Vanessa sanitary napkins ultralong size-xxl(338mm) -7's pack

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It is indeed a defining moment in the history of health and hygeine for Indian women! Vanessa smart sanitary napkins are now available in India! Welcome Vanessa Smart Sanitary Napkin, India's first sanitary napkin with 9 layers for leak proof protection to keep women dry all day / night during menstruation and Anion strip for all round health. EACH PACK HAS 7 PADS

VANESSA  SMART SANITARY NAPKINS - Ultralong Size 338mm - 7 pads per Pack 

About Puberty & start of Menstruation

Young ladies start to bleed whenever somewhere around nine and fourteen years. Menarche (first feminine cycle) and period are typical physiological procedures that happen once pubescence sets in. As a general rule, there is nothing unclean or despicable about the procedure. Despite the fact that it is not needed to open up to the world about it, one can proceed with their standard ordinary schedule.

Feminine cycle is the typical, solid shedding of blood and tissue from the uterus that leaves the body through the vagina. The vagina is the little opening that young ladies have between their legs. Monthly cycle is likewise called a young ladies/lady's "period." It more often than not keeps going somewhere around three and seven days. Feminine cycle happens for most young ladies about once every month. It is a sign that a young lady can now get to be pregnant. Ladies quit discharging amid pregnancy yet then begin again after conveyance.

Tackling the menstruation menace

Young ladies need to change their clean napkins routinely amid the time of feminine cycle, particularly in the initial a few days. The lion's share of young ladies use material cushions typically collected from old garments, rather than sterile towels/napkin. This practice is in charge of a noteworthy extent of sickness and disease connected with female conceptive wellbeing. All the time genuine contaminations are left untreated. As period is a consistent procedure, it needs hygienic administration by utilizing professionally made clean napkins.Sanitary napkins come in diverse shapes, styles and sponginesses for light and substantial days of menstrual dying. Some clean napkins are made with removable portions of paper that uncover sticky tape that is made to stick to the underwear. Different cushions have wrap-around "wings" that wrap under the undies to keep it from moving or "clustering." Some may incline toward the belt model where the napkin is held utilizing the belt.

Vanessa Smart Sanitary Napkin

While most napkin brands just assimilate the draining to a lesser or more noteworthy degree, Indian ladies now have entry to a predominant type of shrewd clean napkin. The Anion Strip in Vanessa brilliant sterile napkin has Tourmaline - a characteristic mineral which discharges normal Anions (negative particles or dynamic oxygen) and F.I.R. (far infrared beams). At the point when the Anion-F.I.R. strip in each clean cushion comes into contact with your body, it discharges dynamic oxygen to adjust PH levels and hormones.

This has different beneficial outcomes and offers flexibility from 5 period related issues of ladies by method for battling vaginal disease, treating irritation, taking out scent, lessening exhaustion and giving solace and cool amid their menstrual period, without the requirement for incessant cushion change.

Discarding of Sanitary pads

It is key to know the right method for arranging clean napkins keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee maintainable administration. In free homes, one can delve an opening in the terrace and dump the clean cushion/material/napkin for drying and afterward smolder it. Abandoning it inside of the sand will defer deterioration and creatures may drag it outside. The normal transfer of single napkins is to wash the napkin and after that wrap it in a daily paper/waste paper. In broad daylight puts, one could drop it into receptacles gave in the toilets. It is fitting for all toilets utilized by ladies to have such containers and some wrapping paper to guarantee legitimate transfer systems. In spots which are furnished with incinerators, you could drop it inside the gear which smolders the napkins in a sound and hygienic way.

Flushing it in toilets ought not be done as they stop up the channels. In schools particularly, transfer of sterile material and clean napkins in young ladies' toilets is a major issue. It influences the best possible working of the toilets when arranged in the can and genuine wellbeing issues if tossed out in trash dumps or in the open.


Health Warning

Have you ever reflected on how well padded you are? Have you ever really thought about your sanitary napkin options?

Here are some facts which would shock you!

1. The ordinary sanitary napkins contain cellulose gel and not cotton which might cause a lot of infection.

Reports also state that this gel in napkins can cause cervical cancer - which is a common problems among women.

2. The other side effects of ordinary sanitary napkins is that if worn for more than three hours it can cause lumps on the vaginal area which might lead to irritation and other infections.

3. You should know that sanitary napkins contain two types of chemicals like Dioxin and Rayon, which are equally dangerous for a woman. The napkins are bleached with these chemicals to make them look pure and clean but the most harmful side effect of sanitary napkins / tampons is that this bleaching agent is toxic to the immune and reproductive system. Dioxin is also linked to endometriosis and cancer.


Be a smart woman!

As a smart woman, you deserve the very best ! It’s time that you put away the archaic female hygiene products that you grew up with! Vanessa smart sanitary napkins offer freedom from 5 period related problems and will make you love your periods! Vanessa wants you to remember that periods are a blessing and not a curse. Periods create the miracle of child bearing and is something that connects us all uniquely as women! Be proud to be a woman! And be smart woman too! Do something good for yourself and chose a smart sanitary napkin that will not harm your body.


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