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Eco femme travel pouch

Eco femme travel pouch

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This is an important accessory to Eco Femme pads. Use the travel pouch...

This is an important accessory to Eco Femme pads. Use the travel pouch to carry clean pads when out and about and to discreetly carry home your used pads for washing.  It can comfortably hold 2 day pads. 

How can you safely carry your sanitary napkin to work place or while traveling?

The awkward moment

Carrying a sanitary napkin in public is an embarrassing affair- sometimes anordeal. 
Common ways of carrying it are to stuff it inside pockets of pants and jackets,crushing it inside our fists and/or wrapping it in newspapers. Though weird and uncomfortable, yet some even try tucking it inside their bras and undertheir armpits. This shows that women like to keep it under covers at any cost.

Vibrantly coloured pouches –No good

Existing brands in markets come with a pouch that’s vibrantly coloured. Thesescream for instant attention. Also, the fact that they are already advertisedin the media makes them easily recognizable-thus, making the whole affairanything but discreet.
This embarrasses many of us considering the fact that a sanitary napkin may not even be the last thing that we might want to flaunt.

Pouches for easy caring

Choosing a custom made pouch is the safest bet. 
While choosing pouches look for ones that do not call for immediateattention. 

1. Darker hues are what you must look for.
2. The pouch should be compact with flexible flaps and easily releasable fastenings. 
3. Check for comfort in design – easy insertion and withdrawal of your napkins whenever/wherever required.
5. And as far as the size is concerned, great if it can hold more than one sanitary napkin.

Eco Femme Travel Pouch- Your pouch of choice

Carrying your sanitary napkin is noweasier.

Eco Femme Travel Pouches are custom made pouch bags for carrying your sanitarynapkins. > Not just sanitary napkins, but you can as well carry your wipes/tissues inthem.

Buy them here. You'll beglad you did.

A beautiful hand-finished canvas travel pouch for
convenient travel and clean storage. 12cm length x 13,5 cm
width when closed.

Questions about this product

Is it waterproof¿
Asked on 30-Jan-2019
No. This is not water-proof. It is a pouch to carry the pads.
Answered on 31-Jan-2019

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