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Okamoto Skinless Skin All Flavour condom combo

Okamoto Skinless Skin All Flavour condom combo

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More the fun & excitement more joyous with the flavoured and thin condoms combo of Okamato Skinless Skin condoms which has 6 different condoms packs. Okamoto All Flavoured condoms online here at shycart with guaranteed privacy and completely concealed packaging.

Okamoto All flavour combo condom pack contains:

1) Okamoto Skinless Skin Strawberry flavour condoms

2) Okamoto Skinless Skin Orange flavour condom

3) Okamoto Skinless Skin Vanilla Flavor Condom

4) Okamoto Skinless Skin Blueberry flavour condom

5) Okamoto Skinless Skin Mint Flavour Condoms

6) Okamoto Skinless Skin Ultrathin Condoms

Okamoto Orange Flavoured condoms

Okamoto Skinless Skin orange flavoured condoms are reckoned and renowned as the world's No.1 thinnest condoms, which are manufactured using rebellious Japanese Technology. Being thin doesn't mean they are brittle. Okamoto Orange Flavoured condoms are known for their tenacity, durability and exemplary silkier feel. While Okamoto condoms are not constrained to single flavour and model rather it has many variants and flavours. Orange is one among flavours that is widely adored by young couples around the globe for its sour taste and fresh aroma that is peculiar to Orange. She would just love to taste your joystick for its firmness and exotic orange flavour.

With Okamoto Orange Flavoured condoms you don't have to hold your breath for an extended period of oral sex and you can ensure to get her fully stimulated. Being Skinless Skin, she can sense the warmth of your love while you to and for into her. Keep her wondering throughout the libido that you are wearing the Okamoto Skinless skin Orange Flavoured condoms, which will make her go romp in pleasure. You can make her call the shots and moan in an unrestrained excitement. Try it today and delight her with a tangy orange flavoured condom.

Okamoto Ultra Thin Condoms

Unveiling Okamoto Skinless skin ultra thin condoms, which are flaunted as World's thinnest condoms. Okamoto Condoms are exceptionally ultra thin condoms that are manufactured using rebellious Japanese Technology which ensures paramount standards of strength and durability while promising pinnacled pleasure. And couples can encounter the natural silkier feel of your joystick during your exotic eroticism. It is ideal for those who immerse in passionate and remarkably sensible sex where they want nothing in between except their intensifying love and passion.

Okamoto Ultra thin condoms are designed especially for enhancing pleasure and ensures complete protection. Let your woman encounter how much love and lust you got for her and the intensity of your love. Okamoto Ultra thin condoms are also known as Omega Flavor. Okamoto flavoured condom will ensure to turn her ON and allow her to enjoy the game of passion for a longer period. She will be the one calling the shots and accord you to have the excitement that has no limit in bed. Okamoto SkinLess Skin Ultra thin condoms are available in convenient 10's Pack at shycart.

Okamoto Strawberry Flavoured Condoms

Rebellious Japanese technology allows Okamoto Strawberry Condoms to be exceptionally thinner than ordinary condoms. The couples can encounter the real natural silkier feel, much like skin itself, while maintaining the premium standards of strength and durability. Okamoto strawberry flavoured condoms are made of sheerlon, SHEERLON can be made much much thinner than ordinary latex Condoms, giving very thin condoms a silkier and more natural feel along with uniquely shaped and strategically positioned dots (1350 dots) are sure to embellish extreme pleasure to the whole act of eroticism. The dots are mild projections that will give heightened stimulation and pleasure to partner when it abrases the erogenous spots inside her vaginal muscles. Each Okamoto strawberry Flavoured condom in this pack is electronically and hermetically tested to ensure it is 100% safe to use.

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