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Skore assorted condoms

Skore assorted condoms

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Skore Assorted Condoms combo-Pack of 3

Durex Extra Dotted Condom

Durex Excite Me condoms ensure spicing up your intimacy. Pleasure assured for you & your partner with sequentially placed raised dots. The specially produced Durex Excite me condoms are such shape that has notably located raised dots & ribs for the ace purpose of added amusement & protection while making love with an enhanced sex life. This Durex Excite Me condom promises you & your partner to have the complete satisfaction that you have been longing for.

Durex Excite me dotted condom is to improve the fun and pleasure of the sexual act. Dots which boost a stimulating sensation that gives a delightful intensity to both of you. Alike Durex Excite Me, there is one more product named Pleasure Me condoms.

Durex Excite me condom aids you in have extended fun and the extra pleasure to both of you. Regular dotted condoms have simple dots and It is designed only for lovemaking advanced Durex Excite me dotted condoms have 50% extra dots. It is created for extended fun, extra pleasure and stimulation to both of you.

Skore Raised dots with Extra Lubricant:

Skore Raised Dots with Extra Lubricant Condoms is fabricated especially for those who want to have prolonging fun in bed with your partner and knowing that the condom is safe to play with. After all, just because you want to experience the extended playtime doesn't mean you gotta sacrifice your comfort - and with the Skore Ribbed and dotted condoms, you never have to. Skore Raised Dots extra lubricant condoms are a little bit thicker for those who want to experience an ultimate boost, they're manufactured in a delicately pleasing way that you don't have to compromise your comfort in your naughty night. Play your game of passion with Skore Raised dots condoms with extra lubrication. And it is dotted to add tingling sensation to your eroticism.

Women love dots. Because dotted condom makes the game emotionally pleasing with Skore Dots condoms. This specially formulated lubricant delays the climax for men and keeps you on the track unimaginable period of time. While skore dots make every minute precious for her. So never stop scoring and be in the game not out. That’s why the best way to arouse her is with a condom that’s masked with dots. Try them! Best-dotted condoms to drive her wild with pleasure and make your ride even more exciting. Skore dotted condom comes with only dots like Skore raised dots, shades & coloured dotted, Zig Zag dotted and also different flavours like Strawberry and Banana.

Moods Dotted Condoms

Now use Moods Dotted condoms with specially moulded dots on the outside of the condom for added pleasure. Moods dotted condoms are made of Natural Rubber Latex and tested in terms of dermatologically. Take your lovemaking to a whole another level with these Dotted condoms from Moods. With the sequence of specially moulded dots and they are strategically placed all over the outer surface, these condoms will open gates to the heaven of intense stimulation and unprecedented pleasure. And Moods condom comes with full dotted condoms and 1500 dots condoms. Moods 1500 dots condoms smell even better as it reduces the dryness. A dotted condom is especially for first-time condom user, that will take your partner to the euphoric world. It is the best-dotted condoms in the Indian market and cheapest condoms online. Moods condoms especially made only for who needs to buy extra lubricant dotted condoms or full dotted condoms.

What is dotted Condoms?

Bored of same old plain condoms which have a flat smooth surface? Now its your turn to switch to the dotted condoms that have dots like a raised round structure on the condom surface which escalates the pleasure. The extended circular shaped structures will make your partner to attain greater sensation.

Buy dotted condoms online

Dotted condoms help men to improved sensation to the act of lovemaking. It's specially designed to make the lovemaking extra sensual and exhilarating. The dots are meant to combust her passion and experience highly sensual sex when you move inside out.

The dots will abrase against the inner walls of the vaginal tissues and that friction is meant to add extra pleasure to your woman. The dots render high-like stimulation and excite to a woman when dotted condoms are penetrated into her vagina. These dotted condoms are the best weapon to arouse the fire and get enticing experience during your lovemaking next time. When she experiences dotted condom once, she would definitely be wanting you wearing it every lovemaking session. Check out dotted condom price, reviews and ratings at www.shycart.com.

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Timely and discreet delivery. Very much satisfied. Thanks..
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