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Moods assorted condom-1 12s pack

Moods assorted condom-1 12s pack

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Moods Six Variety with mixed of flavor, dotted, ultra thin, xxx have nice sex pleasure with different varieties.

Moods Assorted Condoms comes with a combination of various types of condoms. The Moods Assorted Condoms pack consists of the following types of Moods Condoms:
• Moods Choco Condoms
• Moods Dotted Condoms
• Moods Silver 1500 dots Condoms
• Moods ribbed Condoms
• Moods Aloe Condoms
Moods assorted condoms is a must have combo pack for trying different types of condoms to get refreshing experiences. This assorted pack includes Moods Aloe Condoms which is known for its soothing effects during intercourse. Moods Aloe Condoms contains aloe extract that provides a soothing sensation to the genitals.

Why do condoms have flavour?

Flavoured condoms are commonly used for oral sex. These flavoured condoms lighten up the taste buds and also helps to prevent STI’s. Chocolate condom is the most popular among flavoured condoms. The rich and elegant flavour of chocolate condom makes it appealing for oral sex. Chocolate condom is the perfect blend of superior quality and incredible design. Moods Condoms are widely known for their tantalizing flavoured condoms and are undoubtedly one of the best condoms in India. Get this chocolate condom that comes with the combo pack of distinct types of condoms and have a playful time with your partner. Buy condoms online with privacy protection and discreet packing and delivery. 
How to buy condoms?
You can go to your nearest retail store but if you need Moods condoms in an assorted pack and that too at an affordable price, buy it here from Shycart – your one-stop portal to buy condoms online. Just place your order here at Shycart and it will be delivered right on doorsteps with assured discretion in packing and delivery.

Product features:-

• Combo pack with several types of condom
• Textured condoms
• Effectively lubricated
• Flavoured condoms
• Non-allergic latex condoms

Why are condoms dotted?

Dotted condoms increase friction between the genitals. The extra textured layer in dotted condoms titillates erogenous zones of the genitals causing immense pleasure. There are different types of textured condoms such as dotted, ribbed and extra dotted. In ribbed condoms, the dots are replaced by ribs evenly distributed over the surface. Dotted condoms along with ribbed condoms tend to provide extra sexual arousals. Both dotted and ribbed condoms can help in having multiple orgasms. Extra dotted condoms, in addition to dotted and ribbed condoms, give strong sensations to the pleasure nerves. Buy condoms online to get these special variety condoms at an affordable price. Moods Condoms are one of the best condoms in India. Get yourself This Moods Condoms combo pack which consists of ribbed condoms, dotted condoms and 1500 dots condom and have pleasurable nights with your lady love. You can always buy condoms online at Shycart!


Product Pack Quantity Price(Rs.)
Moods Choco [Flavour] 12 PCS       1     100
Moods Dotted 12 PCS       1     100
Silver Moods 1500 Dots Condoms[Dotted] 12 PCS       1     150
Moods Ribbed 12 PCS       1     100
Moods Aloe [Natural Pleasure] 12 PCS       1     100
TOTAL 60 PCS       5

Moods Choco Condoms

Dark, rich and creamy chocolates are in my dreams and fantasies.
Do I wish or will you read my mind?
Make it true!

Moods Blaze condoms

Moods Blaze condoms to fulfill those burning desires

Moods Melange Condoms

Celebrate the power of choice with Butterscotch, Vanilla and Strawberry with specially moulded dots that promise to drive you nuts over and over.

Moods aloe condoms

Moods aloe condoms with the natural touch

Moods All Night Premium Condoms

Get ready fir a night full of action with Moods All Night condoms, with a specially formulated stimulant* to prolong the pleasure and fire up the satisfaction. Condoms made of Natural Rubber latex. Natural coloured lubricated condoms with reservoir tip.

Moods Silver 1500 Dots

1500 dots for pleasure that is spot on



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