Most recommended Breast pump in Electric and Manual breast pump

Most recommended breast pump in electric and manual breast pump

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Most recommended breast pump in electric and manual breast pump

Most recommended Electric Breast pump:- Freestyle double electric breast pump

Medela freestyle double electric pump is the best pump for the mom who does not have much time to spare with their baby or mom who stays away from their child for a long time.


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This pump can be held in your palm which makes it most compact and carries on the go. Its double breast pumping saves a lot of time for moms and efficient one it this double breast milk pump category which is extracting the breast milk using the 2 phase expression technique which mimics the baby rhythm and extracts more milk in less time. Its easy to plus into both breast and fix the electric motor to pockets/belt which pumps breasts milk on the go or in a car.


The digital display features a memory button, timer and backlight which makes tracking easier and records the pumping session in any environment. Once the timings are tried in the memory, the pump stops pumping after the cut off time is reached.


Its ideals for daily use who pumps frequently. All the breasts milk contact parts are BPA free.

Advantage and Features of medela freestyle double electric breast milk pump          

  1. Compact & lightweight motor with rechargeable batteries
  2. Hands-free which means easier to handle and more convenient.
  3. 2 phase expressing technology which expresses more milk easier in lesser time.
  4. Double electric pump for daily use that can be several times in a day.
  5. Portable carry bag provides the convenience of easy transportation.
  6. Very quick pumping time.
  7. Time-saving for mom due to dual pumps

Disadvantage of Medela dual breast milk pump

  1. Very expensive than most of available electric/manual pumps.
  2. Not discreet due to its size.
  3. External power (battery or electric power) dependent to operate.
  4. Not suitable for occasional breast pumping.

Most recommended Manual Breast pump:- Medela Harmony breast pump

Buy Medela Harmony breast pump online which ideal manual breast milk pump for the moms who occasionally use breasts pump. This pump works under the 2-phase expression technology which mimics the baby’s suction and makes the breasts milk extraction easy.

This is the best manual breast pump as is useful for the mom who is travelling or need to pump on occasion. It is  “Compact & best performance” in terms of the reviews in Manual pump category.


Buy Medela Harmony breast pump online with 100% privacy

The pump is mobile due to the few parts which can be carried over in a carry case or personal bag which operates silent. No need to worry of the external power source & can be used on the go in a car.


The two-phase expression technology makes the breasts milk extraction comfortable due to the adjustable suction which can be done manually.

Harmony is highly efficient which is quicker and extracts breast milk without too much fatigue due to manual operation. 

The parts of the pump are easy to assemble and operate it.

The cleaning is very easy as the assembled parts can be dismantled easily.

The pumping lever with soft rubber cover makes it a comfortable & easier on your hand and contributes to quite an operation.

Advantage of Harmony breast pumps

  1. Cheaper than electric breast pumps
  2. Not dependent on external power (battery or electric supply)
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Easy to use & compact to carry to any place.
  5. Lightweight

Disadvantage of Harmony breast pump

  1. Standard breast shield (24mm) come with this pack which make to look for alternate shield size if size varies.
  2. Not able to get rhythmic pumping on regular basis
  3. Repeated pumping will cause your hands to pain and get tired
  4. No carry bags
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Modified on 08 Aug, 2019

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