Medela - a freestyle electric breast pump

Medela - a freestyle electric breast pump

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Medela pump in style advanced breast pump is world's most smallest high-performance electric breast-pump, which gives a mother, additional time and adaptability in her ordinary routine life. Perfect for every day and successive utilization. This pump freestyle double electric breastpump with 2-Phase Expression Technology is proven to produce more milk in less time which is equivalent to hospital(medical) grade breast-pump. Soft Fit Breast Shield and Personal fit breast shield shall be used for maximum comfort and desirable output. This breastpump is intended for mothers who pump a few times each day. It incorporates attentive components to customize your pumping knowledge. Mobile pumping is easy with Freestyle and is designed with every mom's lifestyle in mind. So, the best of what your baby can consume can be provided even when you're not there.

Electric breast pump accessories:

Medela freestyle hands-free double electric breast pumps parts include a rechargeable battery and light weight engine, giving a portable pumping knowledge to be aware of your bustling way of life. The illuminated advanced presentation, clock and memory catch helps to customize and control the pump sessions. This advanced personal double breast-pump deluxe set offers the accommodation of versatile and compact arrangement. Working from the establishment of the starter set, the fancy set incorporates the option of Medela's portable breast pumps convey sack, cooler set and 2 extra jugs, all that is required for on-the-go pumping.
1. Without hands, adornments for more opportunity while pumping.
2. In vogue shoulder sack including cooler for on-the-go accommodation.
3. Rechargeable battery gives 3 hours pumping time.

Where to buy this breast pump?

The manufacturer of this health care products is from USA. Special care and responsibility gets build up on each new birth to offer nourishment to their child. Quesitons like "Where to make purchase of milk pumps? How do i buy brest pump?" arise. No more stress for these stuff since these care gives mother and child, hygenic method for advancing life in normal way. Most ideal route for best breast-pump medela to purchase online with our entry way with discrete online shopping.

Why are Medela breastpumps distinctive?

Demonstrated by examination and mothers to create more milk in less time. Its the main organization to give research-based pump innovation that impersonates a child's regular nursing design. Through exploration, Medela discovered that there are two unmistakable periods of how children breastfeed.

About phases in pumps for breast milk:

1) Stimulation phase – When babies first go to breast, they suck quick and light to stimulate milk flow.
2) Expression phase – After milk flow or “let-down” begins, babies breastfeed with a slower, more profound suck, bringing out more milk quicker.

The original 2-Phase Expression technology can only be found in Medela breastpumps.
Memorize the vacuum during Stimulation & Expression.

Key Features:

1. Rechargeable battery providing 3 hours of pumping per charge.
2. LCD display.
3. Hands-free kit.
4. Memory function for quick and easy pumping sessions-the memory function allows mothers to record their preferred pumping pattern and select it anytime.
5. Single or double pumping mode.

How to clean freestyle breast-pump?

Before using for the first time and once a day:
Clean and purify the parts underneath. Please make sure you clean and sanitize these parts in any event once every day.

Supplies required:
• clean kitchen towel or delicate brush,
• clean sink or bowl,
• drinking quality water.

1.Wash hands completely.
2.Disassemble the breast pump pack into individual parts.
3.Cover all parts with water, heat water to the point of boiling and bubble for 5 minutes. Permit water to cool and delicately expel parts from water with tongs.
4. For consequent uses, you can use a Medela quick clean micro-steam bag in the microwave in accordance with the instructions for daily disinfection.
5. Dry with a spotless material or leave to dry on a perfect fabric.
6. Permit all parts to air dry, store dry parts when not being used, Do not store wet or clammy parts.


After each use:
Clean all parts that interact with your bosom and breastmilk.

Note: Do not store wet or soggy parts as mold may create.

Supplies Needed:
• mellow dish cleanser,
• clean drying towel or delicate brush,
• clean sink or bowl,
• drinking quality water.

1. Disassemble the breastpump unit into individual parts.
2. Wash every isolated part with chilly, clear water all together to uproot breastmilk protein buildup.
3. Clean all parts with a lot of warm sudsy water, Soak every isolated part in warm lathery water for 5 minutes. Clean with a spotless dish-material or delicate brush.
4. Flush all isolated parts with icy clear water for 10 - 15 seconds.
5.Dry with a spotless material or leave to dry on a perfect fabric. Permit all parts to air dry. Store dry parts when not being used. Try not to store wet or sodden parts.


Engine unit cleaning:
Unplug breastpump from force source.

1. Turn off breast pump.
2.Unplug breastpump from force source.
3.Remove tubing by hauling straight out of tubing ports. Try not to squirm or draw tubing at a point.
4. Expel tubing from breastshield.
5. Cleaning the engine unit: Wipe off with a perfect, sodden material. Try not to inundate breastpump in water or permit breastpump to wind up wet.

Medela electric brest pump reviews:

1) It's superlight the entire Freestyle pump feels like it's about the same weight as the power brick from my Pump in Style.
2) The fact that you can take the unit and put it in any bag you want is terrific.
3) The valves and tubes are easier to deal with than the Pump in Style.
4) The digital display with timer is surprisingly useful.
5) The rechargeable batteries make it easy to pump in places where there may not be outlets.


Questions about this product

Medela - a freestyle electric breast pump - Reviews

5 / 5





Great product...! -
This product is an absolute life saver. it is good for starting one to four months period and for working ladies and best for every mom i like it. They used quality material. Very comfy to use and clean.. Frequent pumping will increase the supply of milk. The product is good with no leakage observed. Shycart Delivery was spot on.I am very happy and is far cheaper, Would absolutely recommend it to bf mothers.
Fantastic product for Mothers -
I bought this pump 5yrs ago straight after having my first baby. Having used the hospital pump which was a Medela pump I didn't think twice about looking at other brands. This pump is like the range rover of breast pumps. It really delivered in performance and efficiency. I had to go back to work when my first baby was only 3 months and me usually only need to pump for around 5 -10 minutes and can get up to 200mls in this time. I was worried about taking too much time, but with this pump, it only took me 10 minutes and I got a lot. A year ago, I had my 2nd baby and out came the pump again, still performing at its best. Again the pump delivered what I needed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this pump to any new mother or anyone looking for a really good, reliable pump. I highly recommend this pump. It is comfortable to use and would recommend this to anyone looking to express either regularly or occasionally.
Great pump! Works perfectly!! -
I am in love with Medela Manual pump!! It has been a life saver through the hungry leap stages. It so so comfortable and easy to use. Assembly is so easy. Very easy to clean. It was given to me by a friend. The manual suits my needs as I have very good milk supply. I have found that I can pump with ease just as good as the electric versions utilised within the Hospitals. If you are using the correct technique it is also completely silent. I am really pleased I got this product and would recommend this to other mothers.

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