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Moods condoms – all night long, dotted, ribbed

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Moods condoms – all night long, dotted, ribbed


Moods flavoured condoms

Moods Condom brand are acknowledged in the market for being a pioneer for producing one of the world’s most exotic condoms with outstanding quality standards. Moods never compromise on quality and they make the supreme quality condoms. They are manufactured by HLL Lifecare Limited, a Government of India undertaking. 

Moods all night long condoms:

Moods all night long condoms

Moods all night long condoms are power packed with a special ingredient (4% Benzocaine in PEG) that elongates the love making the process to the next level. Get ready for a night full of action using these ones of a kind climax delay condoms. When the pleasure is elongated and the fantasies are fired up, you both can only thank God for creating such a natural pleasure. These are naturally lubricated condoms with reservoir tip.

Moods Dotted Condoms:

Moods dotted condom

Buy Moods Dotted premium condoms to get an astonishing pleasure with your partner. It comes with specially moulded dots on the outside which helps you arouse her erogenous zones and make her swing with pleasure. These are green coloured lubricated condoms with reservoir tip.

Moods Flavoured condoms:

Moods flavoured condoms

Moods flavoured condom comes with wide variety of flavours that enhances your mood to make love. Nice smell is a big turn on for a woman and makes her more intimate with you.

Get these special condoms with delightful ice cream and fruit flavours like

ü  Choco

ü  Butterscotch

ü  Vanilla

ü  Strawberry

ü  Banana.   These condoms are gifts to folks who enjoy the oral sex.

Moods Ultra-thin condom:

Moods ultra thin condom

Moods ultra-thin condoms are so thin and sheer, guiding you and your love feel the pure intimacy. These very thin condoms offer an extra sensation and you celebrate a memorable love making experience. These are pink coloured lubricated condoms with reservoir tip.

Moods XXX pleasure condoms:

Moods XXX Condoms

Moods XXX condoms are dotted, ribbed and flared to give you multiple sensations and help you triple the zest of love making. This condom with three enhancing features will surely step up the excitement and make a man stimulate the G-pot of his love leading to a strong sexual arousal.

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