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What is Durex Jeans?

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What is Durex Jeans?

When you buy durex condom online, it is only fair that you try different types and varieties of condoms. Only by tasting and testing the various types of condoms, you can know why you like this particular types of condoms. One of such condoms is Durex Jeans condoms, which you can purchase condoms online or at a store as well. How? Continue reading for the answer.

What is Durex Jeans?

Durex Jeans condoms are the recently launched sensational condoms from the world's number one condom manufacturer, Durex. As per Durex, the Durex Jeans is the "world’s slimmest pocket pack making it almost invisible in the pocket of the owner".

The speciality about getting this condom may seem a bit tardy, is that, when you buy condoms at a store, you will sound cool. "Bhai, gimme a packet of Jeans". But, when you are going for any other condoms, you may have to mention the word "condom". 

The reason why this is tardy is that almost everyone has started to buy condoms online. People have almost skipped the embarrassing moments of spending time a store to choose which condoms you like. Or she likes. Moreover, most sales guys at the store would not even be aware of the types of condoms that exist. Forget choosing. Some people find it very embarrassing just to ask for condoms.

Why do you have to feel awkward to do something that every single living organism does? Why does someone have to be embarrassed by getting something which is used by whole human race? You don't have to be embarrassed at all. You can go to a store and ask for a 'jeans', which is a plain old standard condom and sound cool, or you shall buy condoms online from shycart, where all the types of condoms are available to be delivered to your doorstep at 100% privacy. 

Why buy Durex jeans?

If you are someone who - likes small packs of condoms, plain flavourless normal condoms, like to buy condoms from stores - then you should buy Durex jeans, as it as 2s Pack of Plain and Flavourless condoms. Or, if you are someone who likes to go for various other exotic types of condoms available - such as

  1. dotted condoms
  2. ribbed condoms
  3. ribbed and dotted condoms
  4. extra time condoms
  5. climax delay condoms
  6. flavoured condoms
  7. coloured condoms

then you should buy condoms online from shycart where all the above types of Durex condoms are available, especially Durex extra dotted condoms online is proclaim as the best dotted condoms in India, which can be delivered to your doorstep at 100% privacy. 

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Modified on 15 Jul, 2020

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