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Men Intimate Hygiene Wash with Tea Tree Extract - 120ml

Men Intimate Hygiene Wash with Tea Tree Extract - 120ml

Price: 425
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Men Intimate Hygiene Wash with Tea Tree Extract

Buy Men’s Intimate Wash Online

Intimate wash for men help to maintain hygiene in their body, creates healthy microorganisms rather than the ones that can harm us. Men should maintain hygiene in their body to eliminate the breeding bacteria and microorganisms.
Women understand the need for intimate hygiene and use Intimate Wash for Women. But most of the men refuse to maintain intimate hygiene that leads to serious medical conditions like UTI, Herpes, Male thrush and need to face some embarrassing situations. Buy intimate wash for men's online at best price from shycart. 

Buy Best Intimate Wash for Men

Intimate Wash for Men with Tea Tree Extract is a complete hygiene care solution for men that remove sweat, bad odor, itching, irritation, and inflammation. This Men’s Intimate Hygiene Wash balances the pH levels of the private areas. Its removes residual left by lubricants and condoms and keeps the intimate areas clean and fresh. It is the best intimate wash in India that plays a vital role in keeping infections at bay. Men's Intimate Wash is a perfect solution to maintain proper hygiene. This 100% natural men's hygiene wash is enriched with essential ingredients that make it effective.

Men’s Intimate Wash with Tea Tree Oil is an antibacterial and antiseptic agent that fights with unhealthy bacteria and fungus gently. It cleanses the skin of impurities, eases all kinds of skin irritations. Men's intimate wash is the best intimate wash for men that treats razor bumps, keeps skin calm and soothed. Aloe Vera and Calendula extracts complement each other and it is one of the main men's intimate wash benefits. They are anti-inflammatory and provide effective miniaturization without making the skin greasy.

Buy Men's Intimate Wash – Product Information

Brand Earthvedic
Model Name

Men’s Intimate Wash with Tea Tree Extract

Quantity 120 ml
Skin Type Sensitive Skin, All Skin Types
Ingredients Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis), Rose (Rosa Santana), Peppermint (Mentha Piperita), Neem (Azardirachta Indica), Oak (Quercus Infectoria)
Ideal For Men
Fragrance Tea Tree, Musk
Container Type Bottle
Organic Type Synthetic
Form Foam
Maximum Shelf Life 24 months
Intimate Wash Price Rs 425

Men's Intimate Wash - Benefits

Intimate Wash for Men is a product designed for men who wish to keep their intimate area hygienic and clean. The Men’s Intimate Hygiene wash provides long-lasting dryness, freshness, and fragrance in your privates. It makes it more comfortable and easier. The intimate hygiene wash kills the harmful bacteria and keeps your private areas fresh all day long.

The men’s intimate wash in India is Paraben & SLS free. Hence, it maintains the pH balance of your skin and makes it simpler for every type of sensitive skin. The intimate wash for men is gently applied on the private areas which make the skin free from rashes, itching and inflammation. Best intimate wash for men eliminates all the bad bacteria and there is no foul odor as well.

FAQs of Men's Intimate Wash

What is intimate wash?

Intimate Wash for male meaning is, it acts like a cleanser used to clean men’s private areas. It is Earthvedic product designed by medical experts to give a fresh, dry feeling in genital area, and kills bacterial infections. Buy Men's intimate hygiene wash from shycart which reduces penis infections and allergies among countless men.

What is intimate wash used for?

If a men follows a proper intimate hygiene routine, they can easily avoid infections like Balanitis and Tinea cruris. Suppose, if they do not wash or maintain proper intimate hygiene then it leads to body odor, sweat, dirt, and chance of penile yeast infections. That’s why, Earthvedic Men’s Intimate wash keeps your private areas clean and fresh.

Is intimate wash safe to use for men?

Yes! Intimate wash for Men is perfectly safe to use. It balances the pH levels of your genital areas, paraben free, SLS free, anti-bacterial, anti-odor, and anti itch.

How to use intimate wash?

  1. Take a few drops of the rich foam of Earthvedic Men’s Intimate Wash on your palm.
  2. Apply it to your intimate areas and massage it gently.
  3. Leave it for 20-30 seconds.
  4. Rinse it off thoroughly and you are done!

When to use intimate wash?

The best time to use Intimate wash for men is when you are taking a bath. Use it regularly and keep your penis free from intimate infections and allergies at bay.

Can guys use feminine wash?

Men should not use intimate wash for women as men's skin is completely different from women's skin and their intimate area is hugely different. Both men and women have a difference in PH levels. Thus men should only use Men’s intimate wash or Intimate Wash which is made especially with care for men.

Which Intimate Wash is good for men?

Earthvedic Men’s Intimate Wash is the best intimate wash for men in India that helps to clean their genital areas. Shycart recommends using best intimate wash in India in their daily routine.

Shopping the best intimate wash for men at your local drug shop may be embarrassing and you cannot find many options. Luckily, shycart has a large selection of men’s intimate wash, sprays and wipes at different price points.

Intimate Wash Side Effects

There is no side effect in Intimate Hygiene Wash for Men. Because it is made of natural ingredients.

Men's Intimate Wash Price

Price of Men’s Intimate Wash is Rs.425. shycart makes your online shopping simple, easier and discreet. Instead of visiting a physical store nearby, buy Men’s Intimate Wash online. 100% privacy is assured and order Intimate Hygiene Wash for Men online and it will be delivered to your doorstep.


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