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Inlife natural vaginal wash (250ml) for feminine hygiene

Inlife natural vaginal wash (250ml) for feminine hygiene

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INLIFE Vash (Vaginal Wash) is exclusively formulated to take care of the hygiene of your private part. Being formulated with Sea Buckthorn, Neem, and Aloe Vera, it keeps the area free from bacteria and bad odour.

Inlife Vash

The INLIFE Vash is a natural vaginal wash that cleans the intimate area without causing any harm or reaction and is suitable for any skin type. It maintains the pH balance in the area and makes you feel confident about yourself. Use the vaginal wash, whenever required because it does not harm the body in any way.

This female intimate hygiene product is compatible with all skin types as it is made from natural ingredients. It is an ayurvedic product without the presence of any harmful chemical substances.

How to use “Inlife Vash” intimate wash?

1. Clean the intimate region with some water.

2. Apply this intimate wash thoroughly.

3. Gently spread the vaginal wash throughout the region.

4. Cleanse the genital region and wash off the intimate wash.

5. Wipe the genital region with a soft cloth once the vaginal wash is removed.

Remember that

- You can use it as often as required

- Use a small amount of the liquid and rinse the area well.

- Store in a cool and dry place.

Features of Inlife Feminine Intimate wash:

  • Natural herbal product
  • Promotes clean intimate area
  • Maintains pH balance
  • Suitable for all skin type
  • Makes you feel confident
  • Paraben-free

Inlife natural vaginal wash - Product Info:



Pack size

250 ml

pH value



External Use

Type of packing

Bottle containing liquid

About the brand:

Inlife Vash product is specially designed for women. It avoids odour, itching and irritation. It balances the ph level of the vaginal area. So it rejuvenates the intimate area with clean and comfortable. If the balance of ph level decreases, it leads to itching, causing sore and urge for scratching. This Intimate wash maintains the acidic nature of the vaginal area. If you want your intimate area clean and fresh, Use Inlife women's intimate wash in a daily routine.

Does Inlife Intimate wash prevent odour?

Vaginal odour can be caused by the imbalance of bacteria and yeast cells. This can generate itching and sore and irritation. Inlife intimate wash prevents unpleasant odour. Apply this on your vaginal area and massage that area and wash it with water and keep it dry. And also it prevents white discharge and wetness from the very first use.

How to use the Intimate wash for women?

It is made up of Sea Buckthorn, Neem, and Aloe Vera that keeps the area free from bacteria and bad odour and itching. By maintaining the pH level of the vaginal area, it doesn't provide odour, causing sore, irritation and infection. Take a little amount if the vaginal wash and gently massage it over the genital area. Once, applied, clean the intimate area thoroughly and wash it off using water.

What is meant douching?

Using things inside the vagina is known as “douching.” Usually, teenagers tend to use unhealthy soaps and vaginal tablets without knowing about the end results. This turns out to be harmful as the pH balance of the intimate skin gets altered. Vagina has a very thin inner wall which would be easily affected by the use of unhealthy soaps, tablets etc. It leads to sore, wetness, Irritation in the intimate area. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid “douching” and maintain the natural pH balance of the intimate region.

What is the Price of the Inlife Natural Vaginal wash?

Inlife Natural vaginal wash price is Rs. 499 which is quite affordable! You can make this intimate wash a part of your daily hygiene routine and assure a healthy and fresh intimate skin. Buy Inlife Vash online with 100% privacy and discreet packaging!

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