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KamaSutra Longlast Condoms & Aloe Vitamin E Lubes 50ml Combo

KamaSutra Longlast Condoms & Aloe Vitamin E Lubes 50ml Combo

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KamaSutra Longlast Condoms & Aloe Vitamin E Lubes Combo pack of 2

Kamasutra long last condoms and aloe Vitamin E combo

Kamasutra Long last condoms are available in a pack consisting of 12 unvaried pieces. This combo also includes a 50 ml Kamasutra Aloe & Vitamin E lube.
Kamasutra long last condoms

Delayed ejaculation

Kamasutra long last condoms serve the purpose it promises – to help you last longer! Premature ejaculation is common among young men. This product tackles this problem by delaying ejaculations to a pleasurable extent. Delayed ejaculation can be triggered due to a lot of reasons. They can affect your confidence and result in decreased performance levels. These longer lasting condoms come with a climax delay formula to give you more playtimes during lovemaking.

Dotted surface

Dotted condoms have an extra textured layer. Dots are mounted over this layers and spread evenly across the surface of the condom. Kamasutra dotted condoms stimulates the intimate parts more efficiently. They are more superior to plain condoms and gives immense pleasure to you as well as your partner. Dotted surface also increases the friction between the genital. Increased friction generates more stimulation of nerves. The longer these nerves stay active the better will be the sexual experience.

Specialized formulated lubricant

Lubricants can be an effective part of your lovemaking practices. They add extra fun and excitement and make your foreplay refreshing. Lubricated condoms are preferred for vaginal penetration. The excess lubrication makes the penetration easier and less painful. The lubricant formulated for long lasting condom is Benzocaine 4.5%. With its superior properties and lasting effects, this lubricant is an incredible inclusion to this product.

Pleasurable fit

The size aspect of a condom is very tricky. It is always necessary to know the right size to have a perfect fit. Also, it is essential to have a comfortable fit so that there is no discomfort during intercourse. A loose fit would mean that the condom could slide off at any time. Also, a tight fit would be no good either. Therefore, a perfect fit is required to have a pleasurable experience. This condom fits perfectly around the shaft of the male genital and provides a good fit.

  • Kamasutra Aloe and Vitamin E lube
  • Natural flavoured extracts

Kamasutra aloe and vitamin E lube consist of natural extracts of Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is regarded as the best natural lubricant. It is known for its soothing sensations. When this aloe-rich personal lubricant comes in contact with your skin, it will deliver its soothing sensations. With the addition of Vitamin C, you can have a smooth and silky skin.

Reduces genital discomfort

Personal lubricants are usually applied over the genitals to reduce the friction during sex. Excess friction can cause discomfort and pain in the genitals. Also, personal lubricant tackles the issues of vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness is caused due to the body’s inability to produce enough lubrication in the vagina on its own. To tackle this problem, it is very important to use lubricants excessively. Genital discomfort can cause a decrease in sexual desires and would affect your sex drive drastically. Also, it may lead to itching and soreness of the genitals. Personal lubricants provide protection against these issues. Lubricants provide more sexual arousals and extended playtime.

Water soluble

Kamasutra lubes are water-based lubricants. They are soluble in water. This makes them easy to use. Also, washing them off is convenient as they leave no stains behind. Water-based lubricants are considered to be more user-friendly. You won’t need any specialized instructions on how to use them. It is so simple. Just squeeze some lube over your palms and rub your palms slightly. Now you are all set to apply the lubes to your intimate areas. After using the lubricant, wash it off with some water and mild soap.

Compatible with sex toys

Sex toys are a great source of solo pleasure. Many of these toys can often be rough on your intimate parts. Therefore a certain amount of lubrication is required before using them. The Kamasutra lubes are compatible with most of the sex toys. Being water-based lubricants, they compliment the gliding and vibrations.

Multipurpose lubricant

Personal lubricants are not just limited to the intimate parts. You can use it anywhere you want! They can be used for pleasurable massages. Oral sex becomes more fun and exciting with the addition of personal lubricants. Lubricants must be used extensively during anal sex. You can be more creative with these lubes and aim for heightened pleasure.

Product description

• A combo of dotted condoms and Flavoured Lube
• Non-allergic latex and lubrication
• Effective lubrication
• Pleasurable fit
• Easy to use
• Climax delay

Buy this combo of Kamasutra Long last condoms and Kamasutra Flavoured lube here at Shycart – your one-stop portal to buy sexual wellness products. Shycart assures discretion in the packing and delivery of products.


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