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Drywell Delay Wipes for Men

Drywell Delay Wipes for Men

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Drywell Delay Wipes for Men

Buy Drywell Delay Wipes for Men Online

Most of the guys deal with premature ejaculation problems. Buy Drywell Delay Wipes for Men online from shycart that helps men to desire a little more time to enjoy sex and have long-lasting experiences with their partner in bed. Drywell Delay Wipes have no color, no odor, and no numbness, but provides better effect in bed. Delay Wipes for Men is  the best solution for all men that helps to close the orgasm gap and allows your partner to experience the 'ooohh, aaahh' more often. shycart.com is the best online shopping portal that sells sexual wellness products for both men and women. So, buy Drywell delay wipes for men from shycart today!

Drywell Delay Wipes help you last longer in bed, enjoy more intimate and long-lasting sex. Time and frequency between male and female are different. Men take an average of 5.5 minutes to reach climax whereas women take an average of 18 minutes to reach climax. Buy Drywell Delay wipes from shycart that raises the performance of men. Physical Delaying is the healthiest delaying method. The clove extract present in drywell wipes can stimulate the speed of blood cell circulation in capillaries and thus greatly enhances the delay effect without numbness and side effects. Drywell Delay Wipes have no side effects. Some of the delay wipes in the online market contain benzocaine and lidocaine that cause impotence problems for men. But Drywell delay wipes are made of plant extracts that have no side effects.

Drywell Delay Wipes For Men - Product Information


Dry well

Item Type

Delay wipes


Pure Water, Maca Extracts, Epimedium Extracts, C040, Glycerin


12 pieces in a box

For People



Sex, Oral Sex  and Anal Sex

Side Effect

No Side Effect


Prevent Premature Ejaculation and enhances the performance


Benefits of Drywell Delay Wipes for Men

Men who had used delay wipes saw an improvement in ejaculation time during penetrative sex.

Less stress during intercourse

Control over ejaculation

Greater satisfaction while having sex.

Desensitizing drywell delay wipes for premature ejaculation.

Where can you buy drywell delay wipes?

Buy Drywell delay wipes for premature ejaculation through several online retailers like shycart. shycart.com is one of the leading sexual wellness product online portal. We sell the best delay wipes in India. Before purchasing the delay wipes, make sure to,

Have a look at the ingredients.

Check whether it is the best reputable company or online portal.

Check out the reviews from customers.

How long will the desensitizing effect last?

The long last desensitizing effect depends on:

  • How the wipe is used on the penis.
  • How sensitive your nerves are to the numbing system.
  • The amount of sexual activity after applying the wipes.
  • Desensitization will be at a peak at around 10 minutes and then start to wane slowly.
  • Your sensations will usually last for about 30 minutes.

Does the desensitizing effect transfer to your partner?

When Drywell Wipes are used correctly, there is no chance for the transfer of desensitizing effect during sex. After applying the wipes wait for the allotted time for the solution to absorb into your skin before penetration. Make sure your hands are washed off before touching your partner during foreplay.

What will your penis feel like after using Drywell wipes?

Every man has a unique level of sensation and they feel different experiences while using Drywell wipes. Depending upon the area where you rub the wipe on your penis, men can experience a different level of desensitization. Initially, you may feel a slight tingling or warming sensation as the solution slips into your skin. Moreover, you will notice less sensitivity. Buy Drywell delay wipes online from shycart and mute the premature ejaculation temporarily.



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