How to use Climax Delay Spray?

How to use Climax Delay Spray?

The climax delay spray for men is used for long time sex, also, for those who are suffering from premature ejaculation. Many men are wondering how to use a long time sex spray. However, there is no single procedure for all the long-lasting spray since there is a wide range of stay on sprays available in today's market. So it is highly recommended to check the instruction before using them. Be that as it may, read the full blog when you buy lubricant to know how to use delay spray for men. 

How to use Climax Delay Spray?

Before we start, a little heads up - A climax delay lubes is nothing but a spray used to delay the ejaculation for men by the action of specially formulated chemical compounds Benzocaine or Lidocaine, local anaesthesia which desensitizes the region where it is applied.

1. Apply slowly

It is highly suggested to spray on the erect penis from at least 30 cm away. And don't spray at one go. Give some time for the next spray. So that it will have some time to take effect. Do not overuse the spray it might result in decreased sensation, stimulation and when you are having penetrative sex it might affect your partner too.

2. Spray on the right place

It's not all about spraying from top to bottom of the penis. The best thing you can do is to spray on the most sensitive part of the penis instead of spraying it all over. If the delay spray is sprayed all over the penis, there are higher chances to numb the penis too much.

3. Erect or Flaccid?

It is best advised to spray once the penis is in an erect condition. If you spray while the penis not in erect condition, then it would reduce the sensation and stimulation.

4. When to spray?

The delay sprays always take time to work. So applying 5 - 10 minutes before the penetration is a safe bet.

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Modified on 24 Mar, 2020

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