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How to clean a menstrual cup

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Menstrual hygiene plays an important role in women's health. A lack of effective and environmentally-friendly period care products and lack of awareness on menstrual hygiene can affect their health and environment. A menstrual cup made of medical-grade silicone is safe, convenient and eco-friendly.

Once you have decided to use menstrual cups, the next important information you need to know is how to clean menstrual cups. Since you are using reusable menstrual cups, proper cleaning and storage instructions are to be followed to avoid any risk of irritation or allergies.

Cleaning menstrual cups 

Cleaning menstrual cups is simple as they are easily cleaned and with proper care, they last up to many years. Depending on your period flow, you may need to empty and clean your cup. Keep your body healthy by properly cleaning your menstrual cup.

Initial Cleaning

After you purchase a menstrual cup before you start using it, follow the instructions provided and sterilize your cup before the first use.

Cleaning menstrual cup during period cycle

1. Wash your hands and keep clean.

2. Remove and empty the cup in the sink.

3. Wash your cup with warm water and mild oil-free soap to clean off any stains of blood.

4. Make sure to clean the cup thoroughly without any blood or soap left.

5. Reinsert the cup to continue usage.

Cleaning menstrual cup after your cycle

Once you finish your period cycle, you have to boil your cup as per the instructions given. Though you are cleaning your cup in-between use, it is always advisable to sterilize your cup and keep it ready for the next use. After washing with warm water and mild soap, put the cup in boiling water for 5 to 10 mins. Do follow the instructions provided and make sure not to leave the cup in boiling water for too long. Dry the cup completely and store it in a breathable, dry container.

Since period cups are used internally, proper hygiene and cleaning of menstrual cups keep your body safe, healthy and happy. Buy best reusable menstrual cup online on shycart and check out usage and cleaning instructions.

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Modified on 24 Jan, 2021

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