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What is the best Menstrual cup for a heavy flow?

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What is the best Menstrual cup for a heavy flow?

Heavy Periods

Nowadays, few women suffer from heavy flow periods. Periods are different for each woman so it’s difficult to define what a normal period to menstrual heavy period is. Try this self-assessment on heavy periods, to see how many factors that define a heavy to a menstrual cup. Nothing to worry, buy menstrual cup online, try to use it. Avoid more stress.

How much is too much? Heavy flows are common. And do not always indicate that something is wrong with your menstrual health. Your flow may vary from one month to next month and can be affected by lifestyle, diet and hormonal changes. Don't worry, now Menstrual she cup is available in online.

What causes of menorrhagia?

Heavy periods describe a large amount of blood loss during menstruation. In most of the cases, there is not a real cause for heavy flow (blood), and they can often be a natural variation that may only last a few cycles.

For some women, heavy menstrual bleeding is caused by a hormonal disruption or a condition such as endometriosis or fibroids. If you are concerned about a very heavy flow that is causing problems in your life, visit your doctor for a health check.

Menorrhagia: how much is too much?

All females are different, but your blood flow can be considered heavy if you change your lifestyle, Just you say goodbye to tampons a large number of sanitary products, etc. Using only Menstrual She cup. It manages your heavy flow.

Menstrual She Cup:

Shecup menstrual cup can help you to easily measure your menstrual flow. She cup collect your whole blood and have clear measurement lines so you can see how much blood is lost.

                            Menstrual cup - shecup

Heavier bleeding on the first two days of your period is very normal. If you find that your flow is heavy for five days or more than days, it could be a sign of heavy periods. Keeping track of your period will help you to see how long and heavy your flow is.

How can you manage heavy flow?

Most of the women find that their heavy periods do not need medical treatment and instead of finding the right menstrual hygiene product for women make period life easy and comfortable. Menstrual cups are a healthy menstrual alternative and are especially women
with heavy flows.

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