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How to buy best condoms for protection in india

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How to buy best condoms for protection in india


Are condoms effective in India 

Like any other product, it is always hard to determine the right condom that suits our needs as well as protection. Making a decision to pick a correct condom is a really tough challenge because it has so many new designs, shapes and materials. There are three factors that should be kept in mind before you purchase. First thing is that you have to choose the condoms which are made from latex or polyurethane. Few condoms are ineffective against from sexual transmitted diseases- for example lambskin condoms. Second parameter is that condom size should be concerned when you are looking for the best condom. Condom thickness is another parameter that suits your needs in account to avoid conflicts and inconsistency. Here are the few condoms that are effective against protection and it helps you with the process of verdict the best condoms for you.


Durex condoms

Durex condoms provides greater level of protection and comes with variety of shapes such as durex taste me condoms, durex real feel condoms, durex extra sensitive. Among them Durex real feel is ranked higher in terms of protection and giving pleasure for both the partners. It is well lubricated and the head of these condoms is little broadened than other condoms heads in owing to enhance pleasure for both of them.

                                                                Durex flavoured condoms combo

Moods variety pack

Perfect value for money is the word that will strike your mind when you check out this combo. This is by far, the best combo ever. In total, moods variety pack has 16 condoms with various flavours and textures and colours. The best part is it has a small hand book with all the new tips and various sex positions for the couples.


Kohinoor condoms

It comes with special lubricant called benzocaine that affords enlightening sexual pleasure and makes you much more comfortable. It helps in delaying to achieve orgasms and multiply her excitement.


Moods condoms

Moods condoms come with different variety such as moods all night, dotted, ultra-thin and flavoured condoms. Each has different characteristics in terms of shape and designs. But all are targeting for safer form of protection and stimulation of pleasure.


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Modified on 08 Feb, 2019

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