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How can you tell if you are ovulating?

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How can you tell if you are ovulating?

Ovulation symptoms and signs are indicators that can help in determining your fertile days. There are various symptoms of ovulation period which are mainly due to change in hormonal levels leading to ovulation. The following are the different signs of ovulation:

1. Changes in Basal Body Temperature:

If you track your basal temperature regularly using a basal body thermometer, you will observe a slight variation during the ovulation period. The basal temperature of the body is usually consistent but slightly dips and rises when you’re ovulating. With regular tracking of basal temperature, you will develop a good sense of your ovulation period.

2. Increased vaginal secretion:

Due to the changes in hormonal levels, vaginal secretions increases characterized by slippery and watery mucus that resembles raw egg whites. This is also known as cervical mucus and its water content becomes higher as you approach ovulation. The presence of excess vaginal secretion is a good indication that you are ovulating.

3. Changes in hormone levels:

During the days leading to ovulation, your body goes through major hormonal changes as the level of estrogen increases. This high level of estrogen can improve your sex drive leading up to ovulation. As a result, your chances of conceiving becomes higher during this period.

4. Breast or Nipple tenderness:

The rush of hormones results in the tenderness of breast and nipples.  You may also experience breast or nipple soreness and excess sensitivity. This is yet another sign of ovulation as the changes in hormonal levels take place both during and after ovulating.

5. Lower abdomen and pelvic pain:

You may also experience a mild ache or pain in the lower abdomen. This sensation of lower abdominal and pelvic pain is termed as “Mittelschmerz” which may persist during or near ovulation. It is the most common ovulation symptom that has been observed in many women.

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Modified on 16 Oct, 2019

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