Durex real feel - why does it sell like hot cake?

Durex real feel - why does it sell like hot cake?

Condoms are a safer form of protection against unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases by deflecting out men’s semen inside the women's genital around at the time of sexual intercourse. Few users face inconsistency to use condoms and it reduces stimulation to clitoris organ and tends to lessen sexual pleasure as it causes soreness. Condoms actually do dismiss some sort of sensations for both partners. Durex feel thin condoms carry off all hurdles and make you more comfortable during sex.

Durex real feel condom - Real sensation

As the name indicates 'real feel', it is amazing that it provides a skin-on-skin feel for the purpose of more intimacy. Durex thinnest condom is the latest condoms in trend, equipped with non-latex polyisoprene. It enhances your love and does not distract your sensual enjoyment, unlike ordinary Condoms. It is an ideal choice for people who are allergic to latex and polyisoprene. It provides more comfort to use since the material has a higher degree of elasticity than natural rubber latex. It allows you a lot of extra vibes and no pain during the sexual marathon.

Composed with a non-poignant smell

Generally, condoms do not have a good smell and few people hate how latex smells. But Durex real feel condom is exceptional and it really does a good job and doesn't have a poignant smell. Hence there are no rooms for displeased distractions and you can just really enjoy having sex.

Effective to birth control

Like all condoms, it is the best in the field of birth control against pregnancy and STD. It comes with lubrication to ease penetration. Else you can buy personal lubricant online separately and use it with condoms. They really transfer heat quickly and extremely effective birth control method. So, it is always preferred to buy condoms online in India to protect STDs and pregnancies.

Is it safe to use in a pool or shower?

There is a risk of slippery and might result in developing STD and pregnancy. There is a greater probability to affect the Condom materials when having sex in the pool because of the chemical used in it such as ozone and chlorine.

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Modified on 09 Jul, 2020

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