Efficacy of Condoms against HIV and STDs

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Efficacy of Condoms against HIV and STDs

Condoms and HIV

We should also be aware that no type of condom will help prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) 100% of the time. However, one can be 100% sure that nothing gives better protection against STDs than a properly used condom. A recent research in USA involving many couples shows that when a person, who is affected by HIV or STD, has intercourse using a condom with an unaffected person, it resulted that not even a single person got infected by HIV or STD. Given that when condoms are used properly. So have safe sex and buy condoms online in India

Prevention of STDs

It is highly possible that STDs spread via unprotected oral sex if semen or vaginal fluid comes in contact with the partner when it is not covered by a condom. Hence, it is advisable to use one even for oral sex. Flavoured condoms online are manufactured exactly for this purpose. So go ahead and buy condoms online in India at Shycart for safe and pleasing oral sex. One should be aware that the flavoured condoms, which are designed to be used during oral sex shouldn’t be used for normal intercourse. The sugary ingredients used in the flavoured condoms, which make them taste and smell good, can also cause infections in genitalia. So, for a safer intercourse go in for latex condoms and buy latex condoms online in India with absolute privacy.

Caution: It is strictly advisable that one shouldn't use a male and a female condom together. The friction between both the condoms will break them and will make them futile.

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Modified on 10 Jul, 2020

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