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Do menstrual cups leak

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Do menstrual cups leak

There are few things that the first time user or soon-to-be menstrual cup users worried about. One among them is the menstrual cup leakage. It is always good to make sure things before buying/using something. However, the menstrual cup leaks happen even to longtime users. That doesn't mean it is cups' fault. It might happen due to several reasons. One of the most common reasons for this is not choosing/using the right size. First and foremost, Best Menstrual cup brand in India do not leak at all. But don't worry! You are at the right place to make things smooth and pleasant. 

Here are the 4 reasons why your menstrual cup might leak. 

1. Cup did not open properly inside.

If the cup didn't open properly inside, then there is no use in using the menstrual cup. It might happen to anyone. No matter beginner or long run user. The menstrual cup should pop open after insertion into the vagina which will form a suction and the menstrual blood will be collected and stay inside the cup.

There is a trick to pop the menstrual cup open. If you feel that the menstrual cup is not opened after insertion, then try rotating the cup on either side with the help of the knob or stem. Or try adjusting the position of the cup from left to right or right to left. Or use your index finger to push one side of the cup. Once the cup is opened and positioned, slightly pull the cup downward to create a suction. You can definitely feel it once the suction is formed. Now you're good to go and need not to worry about the leakage.

95% of the times, #1 reason is the incorrect insertion. You can check how to use menstrual cup and follow the steps to insert them correctly. The first few times will always be a challenge though. But, with practice, it should be pretty much easy. 

2. Maybe it is overflowing.

There are high chances for the leakage if you're on a heavy flow period. During heavy flow, the menstrual cup won't be sufficient enough to last for 12 hours. The typical capacity of a menstrual cup is around 20 ml. So what you can do is check your menstrual cup for overflow every 4-6 hours. If you find that the cup is filled, don't mind emptying the cup before reinserting. Also, make sure you wash the cup with water before reinserting. If you can't check for every 4-6 hours, then try the larger menstrual cup which could last upto 8 hours without the need for emptying. 

3. Cervix position.

It is common that estrogen levels drop during the menstrual cycle. As a result of which, the position of the cervix might get altered. It might also cause the cervix to open slightly or swell making it easy for the menstrual blood to flow out.

So when inserting the menstrual cup, don't push it up too high. Because pushing it up high might result in the opening right next to cervix rather than opening under it.

4. Strong Pelvic Muscles.

The strong Pelvic muscles are always beneficial to the human body. In fact, it has many positive health benefits. But the strong Pelvic muscles can squeeze the vaginal walls eventually squeezing the menstrual cup inside it. This might break the suction and causing the overflow. To overcome this problem, try a tad firmer menstrual cup.

Go head and buy menstrual cups in online and feel the ase of using them.


Reasons to Menstrual cups leak - Infographic

Check out the infographic about menstrual cups leak causes

Menstrual cups leak causes - Infographic
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Modified on 14 Jul, 2020

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