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Disadvantages of Silicone Lubes

Disadvantages of Silicone Lubes


1. Silicone sex gels should not be used with sex toys as it will deteriorate the toys by reacting with the toy materials.

2. Silicone lubes are known for their hard-to-wash and long-lasting quality. Also, silicone lubricants are not soluble in water which makes it hard to wash after use.

3. Silicone-based lubricants are quite expensive, because of the ingredient named Dimethicone, compared to water and oil-based, buy lubricants online at low price.

4. Silicone lubricants tend to leave residue off the skin even after washing hard.

5. Silicone lubricants don't taste good and might turn you off.

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Modified on 18 Sep, 2019

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