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Dermawear women's tummy reducer

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297 pieces sold

Dermawear women's mini corset

590 350
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Dermawear women's shapex-nc

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Dermawear women's mini shaper

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Dermawear men's wressler

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Dermawear men's tummy tight Small

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Thank you
On  11-Jun-2021
Great idea and good solution. Probably needs more branding as people might not know about this. Reach out more people by broadcasting. All the best.
On  13-Jul-2019
v v good
On  13-Jul-2019
Good experience
On  13-Jul-2019
keep the good work up
On  13-Jul-2019
Good service -
Good service as expected keep it up
On  29-Jul-2018
Absolute -
Good service as expected keep it up
On  26-Jul-2018
Buying it for nth time -
Good service as expected keep it up
On  26-Jul-2018
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On  09-Jul-2018
Excellent -
The way of handling the customer and processing the order is excellent
On  06-Apr-2018

How Gym Supporters help you?

You know what a Gym Supporter is. But does it really help you? Lets see.

Body shapers- a complete overview

Every woman longs for a Zero size body, flat tummy, slender thighs preferably with a thigh gap, a perfect bottom - but practically impossible. A normal woman has to play multiple roles and face numerous challenges in her life.She may be a student,a teacher, a doctor,a home maker, the most determined phase- a mother, a grandmother and the list goes on.Amidst all her worldly duties towards the family and career, how is it possible for a species with a such a frantic routine to stay fit as a fiddle? No worries ladies.

Gym supporters- are they necessary

Fitness- more than a necessity, has become a fashion nowadays.When you think of fitness the first word that comes into your mind is GYM-a place fully equipped for physical exercises and fitness activities.

Tummy belts for post pregnancy - do they really work?

Tummy belts are a close compression garment worn over the skin under the garments. These belts are unisexual. They are very much in demand now as a lot of women especially post pregnancy are desperate to get into shape and look in their best shape.

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