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Tummy belts for post pregnancy - do they really work?

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Tummy belts for post pregnancy - do they really work?

Women after delivery tend to put on lot of weight and lose shape especially in the mid-riff area for those women these belts work magic as they shape their stomach and give a solid shape to their figure. Continuous usage of these belts reduces the waist up to 2 or 3 inches. They come in different varieties like Stomach belts, Corset belts, Abdomen belts & Tummy belts as well all with the focus of shaping the mid riff area.

Features of the various Tummy belts

It has 8" broad full elastic made of imported rubber for skin comfort & durability.

  •  After delivery helps to tighten stomach and abdominal muscles.
  •  Designed for Abdominal/Hernia Support.
  •  Plastic strip helps to keep back fir with the elastic pressure.
  •  Stops extra bulging of Stomach and helps reducing obesity.
  •  Shapes your postures, permits stomach muscles and ligament to relax.
  •  Stops extra bugling of the stomach, thus maintaining your shape.
  •  Helps to tighten your stomach muscles.
  •  Makes your figure look smart and slim.
  •  Helps tighten your abdomen muscles.

Key Feature

The most important feature of these tummy belts is that they are recommended by Gynecologists for post-pregnancy usage. They work wonders for women after delivery as they really help to tighten up the loose abdominal muscles. These belts on continuous usage reduce the fat around the stomach area. The exact reduction or loss of weight can’t be measured as it varies from person to person. There is a minimal weight reduction of 2 to 3 inches around the waist which definitely makes you look smarter, trimmer and fitter.

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Modified on 01 Aug, 2019

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