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Body shapers- a complete overview

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Body shapers- a complete overview

Are you out of shape?

Every woman longs for a  Zero size body, flat tummy, slender thighs preferably with a thigh gap, a perfect bottom - but practically impossible. A normal woman has to play multiple roles and face numerous challenges in her life. She may be a student, a teacher, a doctor, a home maker, the most determined phase- a mother, a grandmother and the list goes on. Amidst all her worldly duties towards the family and career, how is it possible for a species with a such a frantic routine to stay fit as a fiddle? No worries ladies.
Its not about what size you wear;its about how you wear your size.

Back to form-Body shapers

Result of your skipped diet, sacrificed fitness schedule is an out of shape body with curves with flab. Vigorous exercises and planned eating -all in vain. Naturally getting back to shape is difficult but the same is successfully attained  with a simple and special fabric garment called Body shapers- a very thoughtfully designed undergarment to mold the body to certain shape temporarily.
Body shapers or shapewear or foundation garment or slimmers, made with thick, stretchy material, for example, spandex, nylon, or Lycra can straighten the stomach, decrease the extent of thighs, conceal flab, push bosoms up, and result in a slimmer, all the more shapely figure. 

Different Body Types

Each individual is blessed with a unique shape. Body forms of women can be categorized as straight body, pear one, spoon type, hourglass shaped, inverted triangle, oval etc., The size of the bust, waist and hip determines the shape of a woman. For some the bust is larger than the hips, others may have a well defined bust and hips with a narrow waist(hourglass type).
So it is left to the discreet decision of the woman to  choose the correct slimmers based on which part of the body to be in correct form.

How to choose your best fit?

Pick the shaper to your exact size not a size less or more as we do it for inner wears, since the purpose would not be solved. Firmly be aware of which particular part of the body needs to be shown slim.Analyze the various standard of controls like
light-Gives lightweight backing; not very tight,
medium-Gives more pressure and securing to hold the problem areas,
strong-More strengthened components to get the waist and other issue territories; smooths out bends.

Types of shapewear

The market is flooded with distinct collections of slimmers since it is the most popular and easiest way to showcase your fitness.
The major categories of shapers are 
full body shapers-full coverage, flattens bust, waist and hip and extends upto knee.
Waist Cincher - worn around the waist to make the wearer's waist physically compressed.
panty girdle- an undergarment shaped like pants for a better control.
upper body shaper,
post pregnancy body shaper,
bridal shapewear.


Body Shaper - benefits

Putting on a perfectly planned outfit raises the soul, praises the feeling of self, and aides to characterize a woman.
Shapewear is an extraordinary decision  for accomplishing that slimmer, better conditioned look in garments that would some way be  little for you.
The desired well structured look is achieved in a matter of minutes.Looking fit-made easy.
Puts an end to all the worries and crash diets for a momentary fitness for  special occasions like wedding,dating etc.,
Helps you to step out with the confidence about your shape.
A good figure at a reasonable cost.
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Modified on 03 Jan, 2017

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