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6 unique products for periods

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6 unique products for periods

We have a range of products that suit the varied needs of menstrual days. It is important to stay comfortable and agile throughout the day. There are number of methods such as sanitary napkin, tampons, cloth pads, menstrual cup etc.

Washable & Reusable menstrual cloth pads

Ecofemme is one of the environmental friendly washable cloth menstrual pads that is durable and reusable. It offers more comfort due to the specially designed bigger base. It is purely made of cotton flannel that is chemical free. It comes with nickel free press buttons to secure it around the panty. The range of products include night pads, day pad and panty liners.   

Organic sanitary pads

Nurture organic pack is a dual pack of organic sanitary pads and panty liners that are essential for stain free days. It is made of 100% cotton cover and non- bleached. The special sliver ion chips provides anti fungal and anti bacterial protection.  This helps to stay comfortable, dry and clean in an organic way.

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Menstrual cup

It is a safe alternative reusable menstrual cup -shecup that collects the menstrual fluid. It is an environmentally friendly and affordable option that can be used for years.  It does not cause any leak or discomfort if used properly.  It has no health risks associated with it. Users who used to buy menstrual cup from shycart have expressed their satisfaction due to increased dryness, comfort and less odour. The exposure of female genital to the cup is found to be gentler as it does not absorb the essential fluids; it only collects menstrual fluid. It is made of hypo-allergic material as well. 

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Tampons are made of absorbent material. It is cylindrical in shape. It comes with additional outer cover that helps in insertion and extraction.  They offer greater security and comfort enabling you to take up activities like swimming, sports etc.  It makes menstrual days look seamless.

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Panty liners

Panty liners are primarily used to absorb discharge, spotting, post intercourse discharge that may otherwise cause discomfort and stains the personal dress. It is ideal for Everyday cleanliness. Its design is compact ensuring increased comfort. 

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Period panties

Panties, specially designed for menstrual days to keep you comfortable and worry free. It prevents front, back, inner thighs stains. It is made 100% comfy light weight cotton.  The period panty is leak proof.  It grants you the feeling of safety and confidence.  The material breathes easy and keeps you cool. They are also washable in machines. Buy period panties online for stain-free periods.

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Modified on 20 Aug, 2019

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