Medela freestyle double electric breast pump reviews

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Medela freestyle double electric breast pump reviews

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Positive reviews for Medela Freestyle pump:
1) Portable which makes me take it anywhere, even I can use it in my car.
2) Cordless which makes me to use it anywhere in home
3) Compact & Small which makes me to take it to any place in  shopping bag or office bag


Negative reviews for Medela Freestyle pump:
1) Suction is better but not as strong as the Pump In Style
2) Battery problems are there & when battery is down to one bar, then  its losses the suction even further and need to charge it every 3 or 4 days. In case battery fully down, it takes a day to recharge fully but i can manage it through plugging  through direct power.


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Positive reviews for Medela Freestyle pump:
It's superlight and i can carry in any bag due to small size. The valves and tubes are easier to clean. The digital display with timer is very useful  and the rechargeable batteries make it easy to pump in any places where no power outlets.

Negative reviews for Medela Freestyle pump:

The hands-free mechanism is made easy with the Easy Expressions.


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Benefits of Freestyle:
- Small & easy mobility to any place
- Hoses are easy to plug in & out
- Easier to know the let down cycles with the digital display
- Digital display made getting to know your let down cycles easy
- Long battery life which makes less recharging attempt,
- Easy to clean the parts

Negatives of Freestyle:
- Connectors allow direct path for milk to spill when it's used in walking
- Pumping takes longer time, bit harder leads to painful compare to Pump In Style Advanced
- The push button might get turned on in a bag & result of it the battery might get drained.

- Hands Free made easy with "Easy Expression" bustier.


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Medela Freestyle is really great size and portability, but does not have enough suction. 


User 5 

-As a working women I need small pump which fits best in my laptop bag & needs to be light to carry. Medela freestyle satisfy all those criteria . Love the hands free strap which makes me keep working when I use the pump 

Minor negatives:
- Need to keep the breast upright otherwise chances of milk gets leaked out.
- On occasions there will be no suction when I switch on &  then I reassemble the parts will led to proper suction.


User 6

"Compact & useful for mothers

Amazing small & compact pump which is used every dy. It has good suction and is very comfortable. It is very light and very easy to clean. A very useful product.


User 7


Superb companion 

Its efficient pump which needs 20-25 minutes pump. Its compact & light makes it easy to carry for work place with the small bag. Totally worth for the money and recommending it for the mom who plan to go for work after delivery.



The pump is so small, portable and lightweight and the bag is really discreet & small size fits into my purse. Also its handy to take in  travel.  Battery power is great & I charge it once a week. The hands free kit makes to do other work while using the pump.



Extremely convenient- lightweight; needs charging only once every few days; easy to slip into purse. Great for travelling or as a backup pump. It takes more time compared to pump in style model for same quantity of breast milk pumping.

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Modified on 03 Jan, 2017

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