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Can Ovulation Kits Miss LH Surge

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Ovulation Kit is an easy way to track your fertile window, allowing you to understand your fertility and help you to get pregnant faster. However, if you are not using Ovulation Kit correctly, you could completely miss your LH, preventing you from getting pregnant. shycart recommends following the tips that you need to know while using Ovulation Test Kit.

Can Ovulation Kits Miss LH Surge?

Ovulation Test Kit is used to detect when will an LH surge occurs, which will indicate ovulation is approaching.  LH hormone is typically released in the morning time, it is the best time to test ovulation using ovulation test kit between 10-2 pm and can be detected by the best ovulation test kit.

If you use Ovulation Test Kit in the morning or late night, you may completely miss your LH surge, which means that you may miss your fertile window for that month. Missing your LH surge means that you did not ovulate, or you may have ovulated but tested at the wrong time.

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Modified on 20 Apr, 2021

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