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Can I Wear Pad for 8 Hours?

An average woman will go through 350 periods in her lifetime; they think that they know the pros and cons during that time of the month. Unfortunately, that is not the case. 

Some of the school and college going girls wear a pad for a long time. They do not know what happens when you wear a pad too long, how often to change pads, how long can you keep sanitary pads, the dangers of wearing a pad too long, how to change a pad at school, and when to change a pad. shycart provides an easy way, and how to manage your period a little bit easier.

What happens when you wear a pad for too longtime?

Every woman should change their pads at least every 6- 8 hours. If they do not change their pads frequently, then there is a chance of the development of rashes and vaginal yeast infections and produces bad odor. Women can use 2- 3 pads per day. To prevent accidental leaks, it is best to buy cloth pads from shycart.

If you have a heavy blood flow, change your pad every 3 or 4 hours. Wear a fresh pad that absorbs extra flow. This is a sign of hygiene and prevents bad odors. This actually helps for the women who are playing sports or rushing around from class to class.

How to change a pad at school?

If you are a school going girl and you do not have enough time to change pads. You should know the dangers of wearing pads for too long. Talk to your teacher or school nurse and get some advice on “when should you change your pad?” Best time to change their pad is the lunch time or changing their clothes for gym class.

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Modified on 18 Apr, 2021

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