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Best menstrual cup brand in India

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A menstrual cup is a small flexible cup used by women during menstruation to collect period fluid. These days a lot of women switch to menstrual cups since they are concerned about the menstrual wastage produced from single-use sanitary napkins and tampons. Besides menstrual cup health benefits like less odor, fewer cramps, proper sleep and reusable options are encouraging more women to give it a try. 

Best menstrual cup brands

You can buy a menstrual cup online. Right from the menstrual cup for beginners to the menstrual cup for heavy flow, there is the best menstrual cup online on shycart at best prices. These cups are available in different brands all of which are safe and healthy to use. Here are some of the best menstrual cup brands that offer best prices with best quality 

Shecup - Menstrual cup 

Shecup is one of the most popular menstrual cups in India. This is made of 100% silicone which is the highest-quality silicone used in the medical industry. Comes in two different sizes: small and large.

Stone soup wings - Menstrual cup without stem

Stone soup Wings is a re-usable menstrual cup that is made of medical-grade silicone that is used for care during your periodic menstrual cycle. Comes in 3 varieties: Hard, soft and regular to suit everyone's needs.

Rustic Art - Menstrual Cup

Rustic Art menstrual cup is made of 100% platinum silicon. It is very soft, body-friendly,eco-friendly, easy to use, hygienic, reusable, economical and non-allergic. Comes in small and large size.

Everteen Menstrual cup

Everteen menstrual cup is a product with the highest quality standards which offers India’s largest range of premium sanitary essentials for complete feminine hygiene. This is extremely comfortable to wear, soft, easy and 100% safe to use. Comes in small and large sizes.

Trucup Menstrual Cup

TruCup is made of soft, medical-grade silicone, is hypoallergenic and ensure odor-free periods. TruCup is made of soft, medical-grade silicone. Comes in small and large sizes.

Check out shycart for more brands offering menstrual cups online. Buy best menstrual cup online and take part in reducing menstrual wastage along with having hassle-free periods.


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Modified on 13 Jan, 2021

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