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6 must have for your periods

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6 must have for your periods

Women had experienced always a stress and discomfort during menstrual days. The following stuffs are all hygienic and should be considered as must haves for your periods. In order to avoid skin related diseases, rashes and getting away from strains and on top of that, the very ease during your natural activity of periods.

Menstrual cup

Menstrual cup is reusable and an alternative to pads or sanitary towels that collects the menstrual fluid. It is cost-cutting and eco-positive, that can be used for twelve hours and can be reused for up to ten years. It doesn't spoil your health anyway as it is not being made of toxic syndrome. The best part is that it doesn't leak anyway and provides the good protection for heavy periods. Check out how to use it and go ahead to buy menstrual cups online?

Menstrual cloth pads

Ecofemme cloth menstrual pad is also reusable and is an alternative to disposable napkins and tampons. It saves loads of money and available at an affordable cost. It is easily washable either by hand or machine. It is facilitated to be perfume-free and contains a leak-resistant sheet, in order to avoid stains in dresses and bed sheets. It is being made of cotton and is comes in a variety such as day pads, night pads similar to disposable pads.

Nurture Organic sanitary pads

It is made of 100% natural cotton, convenient and breathable one. It has been sophisticated with relevant absorbency and doesn’t need to be washed like reusable pads are done. It avoids the risk of fungal and bacterial infection.


Tampons, a cylindrical based shape made of soft cotton that can be easily inserted into the vagina gently to collect the menstrual flow. But keep in mind you should have to change it every eight hours to avoid the risk of TSS.

Period Panties

It is just like female underwear to prevent strains and leaks on bed sheets and clothes. It is stress-free, comfort and has a leak-proof layer. It manages both heavy and light flow. Boxer fit are used to manage heavy flow, perhaps Hipster are used to manage light flow.

Panty liners

Panty liners are similar to pads, but they have less absorbency rather than napkins and used to manage the vaginal discharge, light flow, spotting, post-intercourse discharge and urinary aberration.

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Modified on 18 Aug, 2019

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