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Durex - Types of condoms

Durex - Types of condoms

Durex is the world's No.1 condom brand. Durex condoms are available in all shapes & sizes. It remains the world's best-selling condom brand with 30% of the global market. From ribbed to dotted with flavoured, extra thin to extended pleasure, discover the delicately fabricated range of condoms that will boost your sexual experience.

Durex condom types

Durex, being a pioneer and market leader in the condom industry, has a vast variety of condoms based on user needs and a lot of research beneath it. Listed below are the different durex condom types based on size & texture. 


Different types of durex condoms
Condom Name

Durex Air - Ultra thin condoms

Durex Exta time condoms

Durex flavoured condoms

Durex dotted condoms

Durex ribbed condoms

Durex Excite me condoms

Ultrathin Condoms for Natural feeling

Durex Air Ultrathin Condom is one of the best thinnest condoms in India. The thin condoms give you the most pleasure during intercourse that will decrease the amount of stimulation you get & make you take longer to the climax. It will keep you wondering whether you're wearing it or not. 

Dotted condoms for Extra pleasure

Dotted condoms are designed to have many raised dots on its contour to let you have a titillating eroticism and give a delightful intensity to both of you.

Flavoured condoms for Oral sex

Now you can buy flavoured condoms online from Durex that is regular latex condoms smeared with a flavoured coating usually some capricious fruit essence & manufactured predominantly for the purpose of oral sex. They come in different exciting flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, Orange, Apple, Mint & Blueberry etc., They also preclude the plastic smell of latex condoms.

Ribbed condoms for extra sensation

Ribbed condoms have a stimulating texture especially designed to add a tickling sensation which contains ribs in order to provide friction and induce more pleasure. The ridges can add pleasure to both the vaginal wall and the penis giving extra sensation to both of you.

Snug fit condoms - super fit size condoms

Snug fit condoms, like the name suggests, are narrower and shorter than your standard condom.  These super fit condoms are mainly used for much more better fit due to the variation in the sizes.

Long Lasting condoms - Climax delay condoms

Durex extra time condoms / Long lasting condoms / Delay condoms give a height of relaxation and pleasure. It is also ideal for the couple who want to increase their duration of intercourse. Durex Extended Pleasure has an inbuilt lubricant.

Durex condom types - Infographics

Check out the infographics about types of Durex condoms.

Durex condom types - Infographics
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