Best kind of condoms

Best kind of condoms

People always want the best in everything. No matter what! When comes to choosing the best condoms online, the whole process could be finding a needle in a haystack. But now that you're here, it is no more a coup. Check out the best kind of condoms for sex. So here are the best kind of condoms online in India. Keep reading to know what is the best kind of condoms for sex. 

1. Flavoured Condoms - Flavoured condoms are mainly manufactured for oral sex and it will give you a flavour to breath-taking sexual intercourse. Why should you wait for an enriching climax to happen, when you can use the flavoured condoms to ignite your burning desire.

2. Ultra-thin condoms - Ultra thin condoms will work like a charm or love potion for you. Ultra-thin condoms online are designed in a delicate way to accord the "Nothing-in-between" feel. These are the best thinnest condoms in India which are custom-made especially for men who want to take their coitus to the whole another level and make it reminiscing and cherishable for his beloved every time he makes love to her with the ultra-thin condom.

3. Long lasting condoms - Still dreaming to last longer in bed with your eyes open? Bury your worries now. With Kamasutra long last condoms, last longer in bed shouldn't be a thing to you. Kamasutra longlast condoms available online are designed in a delicate way to have a special lubricant - active local anaesthesia called benzocaine 4.5% which will help to sustain in the game of love and extend the climax of your erotic journey with your lovebug in bed.

4. Dotted and Ribbed Condoms - These are special type of condoms which will have both dots and ribs on its outer surface. Dots on the dotted condoms are for stimulation and extra sensation while ribs are for extra pleasure throughout for your physical intimacy. The best dotted condoms in India are available from tops brands in the name of Kamasutra Dotted condoms, Skore Raised dots and Moods silver 1500 dots. Try these bad boys for an exhilarating and breath-taking sexual encounter with your playmate in bed. As the name suggests, definitely unlike the normal condoms, the ribbed condoms have ridges around the condom's contour to offer additional joy. On the other hand, dots are just small and rigid protrusion on the outer surface which will tickle her erogenous spot inside her vagina to flicker the sexual stimulation like a wildfire.

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Modified on 24 Jun, 2020

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