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Best female condom brands online in India

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Best female condom brands online in India

Female condoms

Female condoms are the means of contraception used during sexual intercourse to prevent HIV unwanted pregnancy. They reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections to a greater extent. The female condoms are made from very fine premium latex material. This makes the act of lovemaking more intimate and pleasurable. The two rings are designed to stimulate both the man as well as the woman during intercourse. Many couples appreciate the difference in sensation and describe the rings as increasing pleasure stays outside both.

The female condom is a pouch with flexible rings at each end. Before vaginal intercourse, the ring inside the pouch is inserted deep into the vagina, holding the condom firmly inside the vagina. The penis is directed into the pouch through the ring at the open end of the vaginal opening during intercourse. Buy female condoms online in India and have the power and freedom to choose this method of having safe sex to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. 

Best female condom brands online in India

The Velvet Female Condom is undoubtedly the best female condom brand in India. Velvet Female Condoms are specially made for women who want to try a better alternative to contraception without depending on her partner. Velvet women's condoms are best condoms for women. This is the No.1 brand of female condom in India. It works just like a regular condom for men, but only better. It is best to buy condom online in India when you want to be safe and secure without getting pregnant or avoid sexually transmitted infections.

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Modified on 27 Jun, 2020

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