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Do condoms feel good?

Do condoms feel good?

Despite being the best contraceptive, many men refuse to use condoms. And the reason for this refusal is quite clear that they think condom reduces sexual pleasure. Read fully to find out whether it feels good or not?

Researchers from Indiana University made a study on "Do condoms feel good?" and offered men who are over 18 years a dozen condoms for free alongside the guidance about how to utilize a condom appropriately and requested them to keep track of their sexual encounter with condoms for 30 days. This study included 1875 men who agreed to accept this program and notified intercourse 8876 times. On average, that is 4.7 sex in the course time with 5249 sexual interims with condoms used flawlessly.

Younger men who are explicitly inexperienced in sex reported that they:

  • Had issues with the erections
  • Had their counterpart complaining about the discomfort during sex

Older who are explicitly experienced in sex revealed that they:

  • Could have an exceptionally satisfying and pleasurable sexual experience
  • Could get oral sex
  • Could perform oral sex
  • Had no issues with the erection
  • Could enjoy the time of intercourse
  • Could enjoy the intensity of intercourse

So this survey infers that men who are inexperienced in sex put the blame on condoms. On the other hand, men who are experienced in sex were able to appreciate their sex with condoms and have nothing to complain about condoms.

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Modified on 24 Jun, 2019

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