Flavoured condoms with unique flavours

What are the most unique flavoured condoms in india?

When you shop for condoms in a local pharmacy, you would not have much varieties of condoms to choose from. However, when you buy condoms online, you have ocean of choices. We already have talked about some of the unique condom types you can buy online. Now, lets see about the types of flavoured condoms which are very unique that you might not have heard of.


What is a flavoured condom?

A flavoured condom, used mostly for oral sex, is a scented condom which will smell and taste like a fruit, with which it is flavoured.


What are the most unique types of flavoured condoms?

1. Moods Melange – This flavoured condom is a combination of Straberry, Vanilla and Butterscotch. There has been two flavoured condoms before. But this is the first three flavoured condom which will drive you both crazy. What’s more? It is a dotted condom as well!

2. Moods Aloe – One does not have to be reminded of the goodness of Aloe Vera. So, it’s gonna be simple: This is a aloe vera flavoured condom, which is also a ribbed and dotted to make her go wild. Set the mood with this dotted and ribbed condom!

3. Manforce Wild Coffee – Manforce Wild condoms are known for their wild performance. They are available in Strawberry, Chocolate, and coffee flavours. While all the flavours are worth a try, you should definitely try this coffee flavoured condom. With the flared shape, you’ll never have to worry about the fit.

4. Skore Cool – The skore cool condoms are mint flavoured condoms. Not just that. They also have a natural climax delay material will make you last long. So, go and skore with this one of the kind extra time condoms.

5. Manforce Extra Dotted Jasmine – We indians, especially the people of the south, have this habit of decorating beds with lot of flowers and jasmine has a prominent position. With this unique Jasmine flavoured condoms from Manforce, you dont need bundles of flowers. All you need is this jasmine condoms from Manforce, which are extra dotted for extra pleasures.

6. Manforce Staylong Pineapple – Is this is flavoured condom? Yes. What is the flavour of the condom? Pineapple flavour. Is this is a dotted condom? Yes. Is this is an extra time condom? Yes, you can delay your climax with this.

7. Manforce Pink Bubble Gum – This is a simple bubble gum flavoured pink coloured condoms. You should try this condom, if you wanna try something different, when you get bored of the usual. But be assured, manforce never dissapoints!

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