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What are the best water-based lubricants?

Water-based lubricants are one of the best personal lubricants. It is the most popular for the fact that it’s easier clean-up, usually thinner seems like the safer option for the fact that it’s water-based lubes. With all good, there tend to be several lousy features, as well. It is important to memorize that when using toys, silicone lubricants and oils lubes are bad for them. It can eat away at the material and over time it will deteriorate your toy. Water-based lubes also tends to not last very long, leaving you to have to reapply it while having intercourse.

Apart from that, it gets a little bit stickier. A number of times water-based lubricants will have glycerin in it, which gives it that really silky feeling and very soft. Although in actuality it also makes it sticky, especially after manipulating it for a while.

It’s important to start with a little bit and reapply as needed. This will keep you cleaner while using it, and create less of a mess. The good thing about water-based lubricants is that you don’t literally have to trouble about clean up. With any silicone, hybrid, id or oil you regularly have to shower later. Fortunately, water-based absorbs into the skin rather of sitting on top so you have a much comfortable time afterwards.

Best water-based Lubricants in India

1. K-Y Jelly Personal Lubricant (Johnson & Johnson)

2. Moods natural Lubricant 

3. Moods warm lubricants

4. Moods cool lubricants

5. Durex play tingling intimate lubricants

6. Durex Play Massage 2in1 Sensual Intimate Lubricants

7. Durex Play Massage 2in1 Stimulating Intimate Lubricants

8. Kamasutra Strawberry Flavour Lubricants

9. Kamasutra Aloe & Vitamin E Flavour Lubricants

10. Skore Cool Lubricants


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Moods natural lubes - 60 ml


Moods warm lubes - 60 ml


Moods cool lubes - 60 ml


Durex Play Tingling Cooling Lubricant - 50ml Pleasure Gel


Durex Play Massage 2in1 Stimulating Intimate Lube - 200ml Massage Gel with Arousing Guarana


Durex Play Massage 2in1 Sensual Intimate Lube - 200ml Massage Gel with Seductive Ylang Ylang


Kamasutra strawberry flavour lubes-100ml


Kamasutra aloe & vitamin e flavour lubes-100ml


K-y jelly personal lubricant (Reckitt Benckiser -Durex)


Skore Cool Lubes - 50ml - Skin Friendly Water Based Lubricant

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