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Water based lubes - are they safe?

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Water based lubes - are they safe?

What are water-based lubes?

Water-based lubes, a water soluble fluid is used to degrade the friction and more slippery during the process of sexual activity. It is made of base water, cellulose and hydrophilic, so that it obviously can be penetrated into the skin. It has capable of dehydration and easily washed off after use. It is most widely used, even though natural lubes and oil silicones has been commercially introduced into the market as a newer product. The only thing is that it is not good to use when having sex in water, pool, tub, as it is being made of water soluble one. Plus, it is super-moisturised, odourless and pretty much good for any sexual play.

How to use it?

First of all, choose the right lubes from your stores, that suit of your body. Apply the Lubricant by your or your better half's fingers carefully to the female genital or on a man's penis part around as well. It needs to be reapplied if love making goes on for some time or ample of water can also help to re-activate the lube.


Is it safe to use during pregnancy?

Yep! Absolutely it is safe and there is no risk of the lubes to hit your baby, because your cervical part has tightly shut up to until the advanced months in pregnancy. Water based lubes is recommended rather than oil based lubricants which tends to damage the condoms to tear and some of them leads to HIV risk.


Comparisons with silicone based lubricant

Silicone lubes can be used in tubs, showers, lake, etc. Perhaps water based lubes can't be and another thing is that you need to be re-activating .Unlike it is not necessary for silicone based lubes. However silicone based lubes cannot be easily cleanable one like Water based lubes did as it is free from petrochemical and glycerine as well.





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Modified on 29 Nov, 2017

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