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Best Lubes for Anal sex

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Best Lubes for Anal sex

When you buy lubes online, you have many choices to choose from. You go for the best water based lubricants, best silicon lubricants, prolong gel, longlast spray etc. So, you sooner or later, after trying many positions and 'stuff', you might start wondering what is the best anal sex lube that you can buy online. Before getting inot what is the best anal sex lube, lets first see, what is a lube.

What is a lube?

A personal lubricant or lube is something that will make your love making sessions pleasant and enjoyable by offering a smooth intercourse. Why use lubricant, you ask? Sometimes, the vaginal walls of your lover might be dry, which will create friction and will cause.

Thats when you buy lubes online and solve this issue. When you use a lubricant, it'll make the surface, your skin, smooth and will make them glide easily. And, voila! You can have pain free intercourse!

How to use a lube?

Take the required amount* of lube in your hands. Rub them in your hands and spread them evenly all over your genials. You are now set. Go ahead and do the lovemaking. Yes, its that simple.

*the required amount will change from person to person and hence it is advisable to use enough that seems you fit.

What is the best anal sex lube?

The best lubes that you can buy online for anal sex are, any of the best water based lubes. Why water based lubes are the best anal sex lubes? Because water based lubes gets dried easily and are easy to clean. So, when you go anal, if you are choosing water based lubes, you'd feel very much comfortable.

What are the best water based lubes?

The top 10 water based lubes are,

1. RSFU Klick Lubes

2. KY Jelly Personal Lubricant

3. Moods Natural Lube.

4. Moods Cool Lubes.

5. Moods Warm Lubes.

6. Durex Play Tingle Lubricant.

7. Durex Play Very Cherry lube.

8. KamaSutra Strawberry Flavoured lubes.

9. Durex Play Sweet Strawberry Lubricant.

10. Durex Play Massage 2in1 Stimualting Lube.

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