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Top 4 snippets about lubes


Pjur Lubes

Anal play, a doggy style is one kind of awesome sex game that associated with injection of penis or sex toys inside butt. It really shows you to the path of cloud nine and the best part is that to prevent from pregnancy unless sperm reaches into female vagina. However, everyone had experienced pain and discomfort while riding this top-notch sex game.   Read More

Water Based Lubes


Water-based lubes, a water soluble fluid is used to degrade the friction and more slippery during the process of sexual activity. It is made of base water, cellulose and hydrophilic, so that it obviously can be penetrated into the skin. It has capable of dehydration and easily washed off after use. It is most widely used, even though natural lubes and oil silicones has been commercially introduced into the market as a newer product. The only thing is that it is not good to use when having sex in water, pool, tub, as it is being made of water . Read More


Variations between Moods Lubes and Durex Lubes


When it comes to friction, Lubricants can make extra oomph to your lovemaking. Choosing a lubricant is challenging because it comes with different variations such as fragrance, cool, flavoured etc. Lubricants enhance intimacy and provide safety by preventing condom damage and increase its effectiveness in relieving dryness during sexual intercourse. Water based lubes is widely used and recommended to use with condoms rather than silicone lubes, oil based lubes.  Read More

How to use Lubes?

Lubes are proven highly effective in providing extra sensation and help to ease love-making and helps the process to be not painful. Lubes can be made from water, oil or silicone. Among them, water based lubricants are your best bet. It is best to use with condoms and is easily washable after use. Best of its use is that it won't stain sheets. It is very easy to use but there are a few facts that need to be known as to how to use it without resulting in the mess. Read More

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