How to use personal water based lubricants?

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How to use personal water based lubricants?

Lubes are proven highly effective in providing extra sensation and help to ease love-making and helps the process to be not painful. Lubes can be made from water, oil or silicone. Among them, Water-based lubricants your best bet. It is best to use with condoms and is easily washable after use. Best of its use is that it won't stain sheets. It is very easy to use but there are a few facts that need to be known as to how to use it without resulting in a mess. 

Audit the expiry date before using it

Like any other product, lubes also come with an expiry date and you should check the expiry date before purchasing. An expired lubricant might result in infection.

Ensure the cap is tightened properly

Make ensure whether your cap is closed properly or not and if, it will start to lose its nature. It is a good practice to try a small drop of lubes on your palms before using it Water-based personal lubricants. 

Choose the right lubricant

 If it is the first time with lubricant, start off by using a little bit of lube over a penis. Some people have sensitive skin and are more prone to infection due to using chemical products on their body. First, make sure you pick lubes in an intimate shop that suits your needs moods natural lubricant.

How to apply it

When it comes to maximizing your sexual pleasure, lubes can make out wetter. Everyone needs different amounts of lubes for the best usage. It can be applied by your or your partner's finger to the vagina or on a man's genital gently around as well. If you are using personal sex lubes with condoms, pour a drop in the verge of the condom before rolling it on the penis. Water-based lubricants need to be reactivated for a longer time of sex. You just need to apply some water to reactivate it instead of reapplying more lubes on your body.

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Modified on 26 Jun, 2020

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