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Teenage pregnancy - Effective prevention methods

Teenage pregnancy

When pregnancy occurs in girls who are 19 years old or younger, it is called Teenage pregnancy, or Adolescent pregnancy. General sex education and easier accessibility of condoms have led to a considerable decline in teen pregnancy when compared to the 1990s. Till date, many campaigns attempt to further reduce the number of teen pregnancies. 



Teenage pregnancy poses serious mental and physical risks to the mother and child. Adolescent pregnancies always carry health risks to both mother and kid. Teen mothers-to-be forget or fail to receive optimum prenatal care. Situations like these lead to pregnancy-related high blood pressure and other complications. The risks for the infant include low birth weight and premature birth.

What causes teenage pregnancy?

Most teenagers don’t plan to get pregnant. The lack of proper sex education is the main reason.  Teenage sex abuse is also cited as a major reason.


The best way to avoid teenage pregnancy being in a physical relationship is by the usage of condoms. It is highly advisable to prevent any STIs from affecting the unborn baby. Using a contraceptive such as condoms or pregnancy prevention pills always saves teens from unwanted pregnancy and STIs.

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