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Masturbation - is it harmful?


What is masturbation?

Masturbation is an activity to have sex with yourself by touching or rubbing sex organs such as one's own penis, clitoris, vulva, breasts, nipples and thighs for sexual pleasure. It is one of the best ways to learn about sexuality and more than that to understand how to get overwhelmed and how to reach climax. However, it is normal which most people consider as a sin and feel ashamed over the years.


Why do folks jerk off?

There are so many reasons - Masturbation helps you out to fall deep sleep, reduces your sexual tension and stress and relaxes your muscles.


The best part is that it helps to avoid the complicated risks from sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy. It helps to enhance the ability to reach orgasms and increases the love making with your partner. It provides treatment for Sexual dysfunction. It provides sexual amusement even without your partner.

How do men and women masturbate?

It depends upon the people and varies from one people to another. Women may stimulate it by massaging or rubbing your clitoral orgasms gently with your fingers. Like women, men may stimulate by touching penis and anus.The other ways to intensify your orgasm is by using sex toys or by watching porn movies During masturbation.

Is it harmful?

There are no risks related to your health problems with it.  Skin irritation is possible if masturbate is done frequently. Lubricants such as water based lubes or oil silicone can be used to avoid such weird things.


Interesting Illusions about Masturbation.

People might have heard it is harmful and not a good practice. It is all baseless rumour and fake.  Such illusions about masturbation are that it leads to blindness, infertility, mental retardness and causes make you gay or lesbian.






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