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Pregnancy test kit - Things to do before the test

Things to note before taking the pregnancy test

1. The test can give the best result when the test is done at the first day of your missed period.

2. When the test is done in early morning urine sample, it gives best result.

3. Intake of liquid before the test must be avoided as it might dilute the urine as concentrated urine only can give the best result.

How to use the Pregnancy Test Kit?

The pregnancy test kit usage varies from brand to brand. The most common type of pregnancy test kit can be used as follows to know the result:

1. Take the dipstick or test strip and dip in a urine sample.

2. Check whether the dipstick/test strip changes colour, if it changes then it indicates that you are pregnant.

However, cross checking on the manual on how the kit works is a vital thing to be done before taking the test as the test method might vary from brand to brand as said above.

Note: Display of results varies in different types of pregnancy test kits. In most of the kits it is displayed by colour bands (lines), where in a single band display negative result and appearance of two bands show positive result.  In some of the pregnancy test kids plus (+) and minus (-) signs show results while in others change in colour of urine sample is the deciding factor.

3 Important things to note before Pregnancy test - Infographic

Things to note before taking the pregnancy test- infographic

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