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What is pregnancy test kit?

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Pregnancy test kit is a device for a quick, easy and efficient way to confirm or detect the pregnancy just with a few drops of urine on it. The pregnancy test kit's principle is based on the detection of the hormone hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) which may be present in the urine, not less than 2 weeks after the conception. However, these pregnancy tests are based on the qualitative analysis either results in positive or negative for pregnancy. The pregnancy tests are also capable of detecting the amount of hCG (quantitative analysis) hormones present in the pregnant female's urine that doubles for every 3-4 days during the first few weeks of pregnancy. It is always advised to wait for 2 weeks after the missed period and post that, buy pregnancy test kit and check for pregnancy.


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Modified on 23 Aug, 2019

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