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How to use pregnancy test kits

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How to use pregnancy test kits

Home pregnancy test kits:

Home pregnancy test kits can help by identifying the existence of hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the women’s urine. This hormone only found in pregnant women. This hormone secreted when the fertilized eggs are implanted in the uterus.

Pregnancy symptoms:

Pregnancy symptoms will differ from women to women. Some of the common and early symptoms are the very first symptoms is missed period.

Nauseous/ vomit and feeling coupled with tiredness is another symptom. Breasts might become larger and feel tender. Urination may be before frequent than the usual. These symptoms can be confirmed for pregnancy using pregnancy test kits.

Before conducting test:

  1. Bring the kit to room temperature.
  2. Pregnancy test can be carried out at the first day of your missed period. For accuracy, it can be taken after one week from your missed periods.
  3. It is best to perform test in the early morning because it is concentrated and result will be accurate.

How to use home pregnancy kits:

  1. Read the instructions correctly and carefully. The instructions for using test kits may vary for each pregnancy test kit. So you must read the instructions and steps to be followed properly while taking the pregnancy test.
  2. Remove the test kit or strips from its wrapper.                            
  3. Collect the urine in the sterilized bottle or cup.
  4. According to the instructions place a small amount of sample urine onto the test stick or kit by using a dropper.
  5. Hold it for a few minutes of time as indicated in the instructions.
  6. Once the amount of specified has passed, the results can be checked.

How to read the result?

The symbol used to indicate the pregnancy may vary for each pregnancy test kit. So read the instructions again properly. Usually, most of the test kits have a coded colour or plus/minus symbol.

Positive result: If you get a positive result make a medical appointment with your doctor for confirmation.

Negative result: If you get a negative result, wait for a few days and take a pregnancy test again. It's possible that you may get the same negative result for the second time as well. If so, you should make an appointment with your doctor.

Invalid Result: If you get an invalid result, read the instruction again and perform the pregnancy test for the second time.

Results based on plus and minus sign

    A blue/red line appears in the square window means the test has worked. If no line in the square window means the test has not worked.

Positive(+) - Pregnant

A ‘+’ symbol appears in the round window means it is positive, pregnancy is confirmed.     

Negative(-) – Not Pregnant

A ‘-‘ symbol appears in the round window means it is negative, non-pregnancy is confirmed.        

Result based on coded color:

Positive: Different color line appears on the test and control line. One line may be lighter than the other. The line color may vary in pregnancy stages according to HCG concentration.  

Negative: Only one color line appear on the control line. This implies that no hCG was dected and probably not pregnant.

Invalid: No lines appears in the conrol and test region or sometime line may appear in the test line but not in the contol line.

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Modified on 20 Aug, 2019

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