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Female condoms - why is it a failure?

How does a female condom look like?

Female condom has rings at both ends with soft rubber pouch in between. One end of the pouch is closed and
other end stays open. The closed end of the condom is inserted into the vagina and the open end is sticked at the entrance of vagina. Some female condoms are lubricated to induce a smooth flow for men. There are spermicidal
female condoms to ensure the sperm cells do not enter the vagina even by mistake.

Sizes and flavours

A normal vagina's size is 2-3 inches. It may elongate a bit after pregnancy. So, a normal female condom should
come as a "one-size-fit-all" kind of product. But, there is a larger size available for women after pregnancy.
There are silicone based, water based/ petroleum based lubricated female condoms available. There are spermicidal condoms to add additional layer of security.

Advantages of female condoms

Since the lubricant/ constituents are added inside the rubber pouch, no constituent gets in tact with the vagina. So,
with these condoms, a woman's natural hormones are literally not affected. The outer ring is believed to tickle the
penis and induce a kind of fun and added pleasure during vaginal intercourse. A study states that more than 11%
of the women are latex-allergic. Since Female condoms constituites polyurethane or nitrile, even latex-allergic women can use them


Unlike the condoms for men, there will be detestable noise during sex. Compared to the failure rate of Male condoms, which is 5%, female condoms have higher failure rate. But, female condoms are largely used for anal sex. Some men become allergic to the constituents of female condoms. Some even report that the condoms get pushed inside due to the pressure exerted by the male partner.

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