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Durex little devil - the real monster



Durex little devil is specifically designed for couples who want something spicy & devilish in their sex life by increasing the stimulation of clitoral organ. It enhances your arousal and helps to achieve exciting orgasms up to thirty minutes. It makes you play with your partner or you yourself can use without him for pleasure like sex toys.

How do I use it?

Make sure your hands are clean and place the Vibrator ring at the base of the shaft of the penis. It’s soft horn titillate your clitoris when you press a button that is usually located on the side of the vibrator. It will run about half an hour and surely that is enough to achieve Climax.


Is it effective to birth control?

It is specially built for the purpose of stimulation of women’s clitoral and extra addition to your sex box. It should not prevent the birth control. You may just use condoms for it to avoid the unplanned pregnancy. It can be also used with Lubricant except Durex play perfect glide lubricant.


A customer from Bangalore says that the product has worked well and awesome. No mess while around the time of sexual intercourse.

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